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Monday, July 27, 2009

African Leader Denies Cannibalism

Charles Taylor, the first African leader to ever be tried by an international court, denies allegations of cannibalism. Taylor faces 11 counts of war crimes - including such heinous acts as hacking off victims' limbs and conscripting child soldiers - and several of the soldiers who worked for him have given testimony concerning cannibalism.

One soldier said he ate human flesh with Charles Taylor during the meeting of a secret society, named Poro. Several of his men told the court he had ordered them to eat the flesh of their victims. This was a common practice amongst many barbaric tribes eons ago, which still exists in parts of the DR Congo, New Zealand, and elsewhere today.

Taylor said the allegations were "Total nonsense." He also told reporters, "It is sickening. You must be sick to believe it. It makes you feel like throwing up!" However, he confirmed that there are cannibals in the Sierra Leone area.

Charles Taylor denies all of the charges he is facing.

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