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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Japanese PM's Wife Rode Spaceship to Venus, Married the Alien

Miyuki Hatoyama, wife of Japan's prime minister-elect, wrote about a close encounter she claims to have had some 20+ years ago. In her autobiography, Very Strange Things I have Encountered, Miyuki says her "soul" was taken aboard a "triangular" spacecraft one night "While [her] body was asleep." She says the spacecraft took her to Venus, which she described as "a very beautiful place and... very green."

Miyuki told her now ex-husband about the event and he told her it was just a dream, but she obviously believes there was more to it than that. She later married Yukio Hatoyama, who will take office as Japan's Prime Minister this September. Miyuki herself pursued a career in acting in the 1960s, then moved to America and penned several cookbooks.

Hatoyama was once nicknamed "the alien" because of his prominent eyes.

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