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Monday, October 12, 2009

Is the Military Behind the Cattle Mutilations

As we have been discussing cattle mutilations lately, regular readers know there was a flurry of cases across America in the 1970s. Cattle (and deer, horse, and other livestock) mutilations continued throughout America in the 1990s. However, the Chupacabra was big news at that time, and many of the livestock mutilations may have been attributed to it, although the Chupacabra's M.O. is well-established. In an earlier post, I told you we would get to the unmarked helicopters often sighted in/around mutilation sites:

Ted Oliphant (a.k.a., Charles Oliphant) moved to Alabama in 1990 to investigate a spate of mutilation cases in the area. He became a law enforcement officer and when the area suffered a rash of mutilations, he participated in some 40+ cases - many of which coincided with eyewitness reports of black helicopters. Ted Oliphant has come to the firm conclusion that the American military, possibly under the direction of clandestine governmental agencies (such as the F.B.I.) is behind the cattle mutilations.

In fact, in 1988, Oliphant wrote an article in The Anomalist in which he asserted law enforcement officers had traced the helicopters back to military bases, including Fort Campbell, KY and Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama. Oliphant goes on to say the purpose of the mutilations had to do with research on Mad Cow Disease. Others have connected the cattle mutilations to experiments related to the development of bioweaponry. However, Oliphant makes it clear that his hypothesis is purely speculation for which he lacks any hard evidence. He also says the theory does not explain all of the mutilation cases.

In the last decade, most cases seem to come from other countries, particularly South America.

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