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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Normandy Nessie

Does a sea creature live in the Madeira Beach, Florida waters? According to a number of eyewitnesses - including a man who has photographic and motion picture evidence - something does!

78-year old Russ Sittloh has dubbed whatever it is people are seeing in the canal behind his home the "Normandy Nessie," after the name of the area. He first saw it in April of 2009 and has since captured a half-dozen pictures of the "Normandy Nessie."

While a local biologist says the video and pictures he has seen appear to be a manatee, Sittloh disagrees: "I've swam with manatees, I've swam with sharks, I've swam with sea snakes; there is no way it's a manatee."

Sittloh also says he's seen at least two of the creatures and is concerned for others' safety.

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