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Friday, December 4, 2009

Ghost Adventures Back at the Washoe Club

The guys head back to where it all began: the Washoe Club in Virginia City Nevada. They are re-visiting the location where they got their first documented video evidence of a ghost. The reason for their return is that several investigators have recently caught voices inside the Washoe Club calling out Zak and Nick by name!

The voices don't have nice things to say.

Fellow investigators Mark and Debbie Constantino let the guys hear some EVPs saying, "Nick Groff," "Hate Nick," and "Zak look out." It appears these spirits have unfinished business with Zak, Nick, and Aaron!

The guys will also be locked down in a location they did not visit during their previous investigation: The Chollar Mine. It is said that there are spirits of miners still stuck inside the mine. Countless men died there from fires, falls, electrocution, et.al. Once locked down, the guys hear the sounds of people working inside the mine...

Check out a sneak peek of tonight's episode and be sure to tune-in to the
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