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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

'Savior' Enslaves Wimminfolk, Fathers Own Grandchildren

Israeli authorities arrested Goel Ratzon on January 15th and charged him with rape and incest, based on evidence that Ratzon may have maintained a "harem" of up to 17 women around Jerusalem for the last two decades. Some accounts say Ratzon observed his subjects via closed-circuit camera and forced them to turn-over their earnings. Still more suggest he fathered some of his own grandchildren.

Goel's first name means "Savior" in Hebrew and the story has gripped the nation, but Ratzon denies that he was ever these women's "messiah," saying he is "just good to them." He also denies all of the charges he's facing, including enslavement and rape. He remains jailed, awaiting trial, in what his attorney claims are "inhumane conditions."

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