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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wolves Kill Alaskan Teacher

32-year old teacher, Candice Berner, is believed to have died from injuries sustained during an animal attack, Alaskan officials say. Piecing together the mysterious death, authorities say the young woman was apparently jogging on the outskirts of a remote Alaskan village when she was attacked. Wolf tracks were found surrounding the body and many say the wolves in the area have become more aggressive in recent months. According to authorities, there are no other carnivores in the area that are active at this time, and the body showed signs of tell-tale drag marks - it had been dragged off the road, into nearby bushes.

Residents had recently been warned of wolves and children were escorted to school by armed officials on the lookout for the carnivores. An Alaskan Fish and Wildlife spokesperson later told reporters authorities had located and killed two of the wolves they believed were responsible for, or participants in, the attack.

Berner's is the first official death due to wolves in 50 years.

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