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Monday, April 19, 2010

Deep-Sea Diver Finds Dank Water-Secreting Skull

Fifteen years ago, a commercial fisherman from Maine came across a bizarre skull in waters about 1800' deep. Since then, he has kept it in his garage, where he says no mice or insects have even tried to disturb it. Even more inexplicable, the skull has continued to secrete a brown ooze from a hole in its top - for the last 15 years!

This story was reported out of Portland some weeks back (and yours truly sat on it for another week or so). In that time, many commenters have reported finding similar skulls, most of whom are also commercial fishermen. At this time, most seem to agree the skull belongs to some type of catfish.

Catfish are "bottom-feeders," meaning they stay toward the bottom and feed largely off of sediment and, basically, whatever comes to them - they do not "hunt" for food. A large skull, such as this one, could possibly hold enough mud, or brackish water, to continue oozing it slowly for some time... but, 15 years?

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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