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WINES Urges False Flag to Start WWIII with Iran (2012) The Washington Institute for Near East Studies, or WINES , is a terrorist group...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


GibsonI did not just play drums when I was younger; I could also play the guitar, albeit not very well. I enjoyed percussion more so that is where my interest grew, but I played with dozens of guitarists over the years - some of whom either were, or became, somewhat famous (at least in their areas) - and all of them had come to the same conclusion: There were two great guitar companies, and Gibson was one of them.

In fact, growing up, I had my own Gibson guitar. I learned to play it by attending an afterschool event where one of the teachers taught a class of us how to play a song. We then performed that song in front of the school for an assembly. Again, I was not very good at playing guitar, but I gave it my best and we made it through and were applauded at the end. Even if we got that applause because the kids knew they would get in trouble if they did not participate.

I have no idea how many Gibson guitars were used during that assembly, but I know that my dad still has at least one, or did until recently. Furthermore, I would be willing to bet that most of the people I played with over the years have at least one stashed away in their collections. Gibson is a leader in the industry for a reason, and you are not likely to find a more well-made, well-crafted guitar no matter where you look.