Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Largely Spam-Free

I woke up this morning to a single comment awaiting approval. It was from a screen name that was a string of random consonants and it bore the single word, "test."

The OddBlog, along with all of the other Weirding blogs, moderates all comments for this very reason.

Now, I do not know if zgshjtplknzzdwqssghk-ssdjkzx is actually a spammer, but with a name and post like that, I figure it's a pretty safe bet, and this is why the comments are moderated. I sometimes sleep late and I sometimes take the day off, but you can rest assured that - barring some unforeseen circumstance - I check the blogs several times a day and if your comments are not spam (or just plain insulting), they will be approved and see the blog shortly thereafter.

Around the time I got the site set-up (late 2006), all of the blogs, all of the e-mail boxes on the site, and The Speakeasy were literally bombarded with spam! At its height, I was getting 300+ spam posts and e-mails a day! In fact, I have since shut The Speakeasy down because of all the spam there. I started moderating comments and the spam kept-up for about a month or so, but then dropped to literally nothing; today is the first spam post I've seen even try to make it through in months.

So if you post a comment and wonder why it doesn't show up immediately, you can thank
zgshjtplknzzdwqssghk-ssdjkzx and his ilk.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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