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Friday, March 27, 2020

The State of the World -- A Bernie Bro's Perspective

I planned on having professionals repair the computers but got sick, then everyone got sick, so.  I'm going to lay-out some shit regarding the current state of affairs below, but need to get a few things out of the way first:
  • Everything the Nazis did was "legal."
  • Organized Crime (including State-Sponsored actors), as well as small-fry hackers, absolutely love the wiseguy-named "EARN IT" bill which criminalizes the very act of securing your own privacy online, and protecting your personal information and data.  Organized Crime loves everything Florida Senator, Marco Rubio, and US Attorney General, William Barr, do.
  • Speaking of AG Barr, I'd like to speak directly to AG William Barr: No matter how quickly you commit War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, they remain War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.
  • There is little difference between the two political parties: Both serve corporations (Big Business), ISrael (Big Oil), and the Rich (Big Donors).  That one party commits Sedition "For God and Country" while the other commits Treason "For the Children" makes no difference.
  • They are both absolutely Wrong about literally everything, all the time:

    They banned cartoon tigers, cookie wizards, and magically delicious leprechauns from selling sugar-laden cereals to children -- and forced those companies to lower the sugar content in those cereals -- then, suddenly, all the children became so obese that we are being told to give-up our civil liberties "For the (fat, fucking, not my) Children."  How does that even happen?

    They took all the effective, over-the-counter cold/flu and sinus medications off the market to enrich the insurance companies keep your porky, little bastards from robo-tripping and cooking-up dope (which they're still doing), and now we're facing a global, viral pandemic in the midst of both an opioid epidemic and a nationwide meth epidemic.

    We are now fighting a "War" on a viral infection (For God and Country) brought upon in part by a decades-long "War on Drugs" (For the Children) -- both of which we're losing, just like every other War they've forced upon us and others.

    The only real War these monsters are engaged in is a War on We, the People.
  • The plural of virus is viri.  If you don't know that, you aren't qualified to give medical advice nor discuss the subject.
  • The financial markets -- aka, Wall Street -- are not The Economy, Stupid *.  Catering to shareholders at the expense of end-users, customers, and labor is why they needed a Coronavirus to blame for the economic crash everyone knew was coming.  More on this below.
  • The helicopter money they are "giving" us is not only money they stole in the first place, it's going to pay bills and buy essential needs: They aren't "bailing-out Main Street," they're bailing-out our creditors, landlords, and retail outlets.  The responsible, rational, approach would be Debt Forgiveness, not further devaluing the Dollar by printing more money just for the sake of going through the motions.  More on this below.
  • The Supreme Court's decision to nullify the Insanity Defense is to be ignored; none of those (alleged) "people" are doctors, so none of them are qualified to make such decisions.  In fact, it's illegal to pose as a doctor and dispense medical advice, so they can all be held (indefinitely and without bail) and charged accordingly.

    This just in: Under the "Who Needs a Trial" law, they have been found Guilty and received the maximum sentence.  They are bonafide dipshits, as I lay out in longform below (someone please read this to them) and (hopefully) in future posts.
  • The state governors who forbade abortions during this crisis are Guilty of spreading the COVID-19 virus and, thus, Terrorism, as decreed by the DOJ.  Women who need abortions will simply travel to neighboring states that abide by The Rule of Law to get them, possibly infecting others and/or contracting the virus themselves along the way.  Arrest and detain those "public servants" immediately, and indefinitely.
With that out of the way, let's get down to brass tacks:

I blame the Democratic National Committee for both the 2020 financial crisis and the US' COVID-19 pandemic.  The DNC's Malfeasance and High Treason in fixing the 2016 Presidential Election (and blaming it on Russia, and toxic masculinity, and White Nationalists, and Wikileaks, and...) robbed us of a Bernie Sanders Presidency which would have resulted in the bolstering of the very infrastructure we have so desperately required for so long and now, in the time of our greatest need, lack.

Despite his many missteps, a President Clinton/Biden would have done almost everything Trump has.  The only difference is that Big Media would have covered it up for Clinton/Biden  -- the way they are covering-up the illegal detainment, torture, and attempted murder of Julian Assange and his associates.

The DNC is Guilty -- who needs a trial? -- of these, and many other, High Crimes and Misdemeanors and that's that.

Bernie Sander's platform contained literally every, single thing the corporate shareholders government is being forced to do now:

  • Provide Americans healthcare, not health insurance, and enough funding to ensure medical outlets are open, accessible, and prepared -- as well as giving some consideration to the continued improvement of the care provided.  This benefits the health and welfare of the common citizen on Main Street and "trickles-up" to higher-class citizens.  This also contributes to National Security in many ways, as we are seeing now.

    The COVID-19 outbreak perfectly illustrates how privatizing medicine and health services -- specifically on behalf of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies -- is a detriment to our society and Economy Stupid, as well as one of the greatest risks to our National Security.  You win wars not by killing but by injuring, thus not only removing units from the battlefield but also overwhelming the opposition's medical staff and depleting their resources and reserves.  It's difficult to believe that these masters in the Art of War would be unaware of this basic, ancient, and time-tested tactic.

    Denying us access to affordable healthcare and medical supplies is akin to sending soldiers to the battlefield without ammo or armor -- something these nitwits have done several times before, I'll note -- and leaves great swaths of citizens vulnerable to pestilence and disease.  A viral, fungal, or bacterial outbreak of the magnitude COVID-19 appears to be can literally destroy our nation in no time, despite the fact that it is almost entirely preventable.
  • Secure, repair, and maintain the roadways, networks, and government structures -- including private industries and holdings that contribute to the health, security, well-being, and advancement of the nation.  This is the "But Mah Roads" clause Tea-Partiers and similar, Far-Right-wing hardliners oppose so vehemently (preferring privatized, toll roadways maintained by private companies -- if they want to maintain them -- which could deny travelers access, perform search and seizures, and do whatever else they want, without legal recourse).  This includes the Internet, in that "Information Superhighway" sense, as well as public transportation.

    People have a right to access basic goods and services needed to not only survive, but to reach our potential.  And reaching our individual potential strengthens the collective in countless ways, as does being capable of taking "personal responsibility" for our individual health, wealth, and security.

    I have a lot to say on "personal responsibility" -- that cynical, wiseguy expression these cretinous leeches throw around so casually (their use of which is ironic as shit) -- but it's too much to include in this document.  Suffice to say it is a textbook example of gaslighting.

    However, as to the point above, the dirty hippy saying, "Imagine if they started a War and no one showed up," can become literal truth if we lack access to affordable and reliable transportation and communications.
  • Raise the minimum wage to a Living Wage so the Commoner Man can afford to buy rent a house neglected shed on Main Street, eat over-processed food, drink polluted water, and consume energy created by fossil fuels for no other reason than to enrich coal barons, oil barons, and shareholders the US government.

    This contributes to the security of the nation by eliminating high-risk situations, such as homelessness, starvation, and poverty, which are breeding grounds for populism, extremism, infection and disease, and social strife -- especially between economic classes.  These situations can quickly lead to mass unrest, conflict, plague, and uprisings.
  • Raise Federal Taxes on corporations, the rich, and the ultra-rich, which is literally just the abolition of "Corporate Welfare."  With all of the propaganda linking COVID-19 to WWII these days, let's remember the rate at which these social classes "heroes" were taxed back then.  "We're all in this together," remember?  If you hate Socialism so much, pay your fucking taxes!
  • Establish, and maintain, peaceful Diplomatic ties with foreign countries.  (This is the one what gets people like us murdered.)  This reinforces National Security by promoting friendly relations instead of inviting War, Terrorist attacks, and antagonistic political strife.  It also promotes a healthy Economy, Stupid.
  • Abolish Globalist Industrial schemes such as the TPP and NAFTA.  This helps to secure the nation by forcing corporations to pay employees a Living Wage and provide benefits such as medical insurance, and boosts the Economy Stupid by both providing jobs to US citizens and keeping the manufacturing and distribution sectors in our country alive.
  • Enforce Anti-Trust laws, and [re-]enact and enforce regulations on banks, telecoms, and other industries that are necessary to our country, and that have clearly abused their positions thanks to deregulation and lack of oversight.
  • Separation of Church and State.  Because God does not speak to these people nor do they speak for God.  Not to mention the fact that all religious texts clearly and openly oppose these warmongers' every, continued action -- most of which are covered in the Top Ten Biggest Sins on Earth (which is not a BuzzFeed listicle)!
  • Fuck ISrael.  Because ISrael is a War Crime.
  • Fuck Saudi Arabia.  Because the Saudis are War Criminals and despots.
Okay, so some of those may have been paraphrased or... whatever, but those are largely Bernie's tenets as set forth in his original, 2016 campaign.  Of course, had he been elected President (he was -- who needs an "Election?"), he wouldn't have been able to enact everything he campaigned on -- no politician ever does, and the Establishment is determined to sabotage Sanders' Presidency just as they did Carter's, just as they sabotaged Sanders' campaigns -- but, had even a few of those things happened, we would be better prepared for the "Perfect Storm" of crises we face today.

And, although these crises were inevitable over the course of time, we face them today, concurrently, as the direct result of these peoples' reckless, irresponsible, and criminal behavior:
  • The rampant corruption of corporate welfare and deregulation.
  • The embezzlement of every tax dollar by the Military Industrial Security Complex.
  • The defunding of necessary medical services, Arts and Cultural programs, and other social outreach services.
  • The replacement of facts with "feelings," like social identity and religious faith.
  • The privatization of everything to circumvent the Law.
  • The Pavlovian pandering to corporations and the rich.
  • Forcing billions of people, worldwide, into austerity and hundreds of millions to flee their homes (also an ancient War tactic, by the way)...
I could go on and on, and hope to in future posts (if this blog is still here, my account hasn't been terminated, and/or I haven't been institutionalized, detained indefinitely, or murdered), but I've made my point.

These things are necessary to the Commonwealth, and not just for some hazy, "Greater Good" which never seems to materialize no matter how much We, the People, sacrifice.  Progress is a synonym for Advancement, and our progress as a collective, as well as individuals, is being intentionally impeded -- mostly for the political, financial, and material gains of monopolistic corporations, but also to make it easier
for these special interests, not to properly govern us (they're incapable) but, to contain us and prevent us from organizing effectively to demand both Liberty and accountability.

National Security is not only about putting WMD in the hands of violent, unrepentant psychopaths and calling them "heroes" and "freedom fighters;" a healthy, financially stable, well-educated populace with access to affordable goods and services to which every human is entitled is better prepared to weather the storms, both literal and figurative, life throws our way.

This also empowers us to pursue greater things, resulting in greater contributions to society, humanity, and the world, and fosters pride in ourselves and our communities, which motivates us without devolving into mindless Nationalism, Populism, and religious and sociopolitical extremism.

None of this is good for career politicians or War Criminals, I freely grant, but, at this moment -- and in the coming weeks and months (and possibly, though hopefully not, years) -- our nation and way of life is directly threatened by assailants and factors that cannot be combated by kinetic means or direct confrontation

We are not just dead in the water due to internal crises, we are sitting ducks for the myriad enemies these moronic, militaristic, fundamentalist fucks have created of our every neighbor -- friend and foe, alike -- as well as any other natural disaster that may, and will, occur.  And we will be told that the only way out of this complete, systemic failure is to rely on the State (see below).  Talk about grim!

We don't need government intervention -- including "socialist programs" like welfare and Social Security -- when we are capable of defending, and providing for, ourselves.  And, were these [s]elected officials to do their jobs and enforce laws and legislation already on the books, these special interest groups -- including monopolistic corporations and quasi-governmental agencies, such as the Military Industrial Security Complex (MISC, as they are referred to in $6tn "relief" bills) -- would not be able to prevent us from doing so.

This is how Nationalized Socialism operates: Using violence and terrorism (including sweeping surveillance and "Lawfare"), the military controls all of the holdings (monopoly) -- the Capital, the Labor, and all resulting goods and services -- and dispenses needs to the populace as it decrees.  The [Police] State controls all communications, all transportation and roadways, all labor (all of which is forced) -- everything -- and only those who kowtow to the State's demands are allowed to go about their way (which is also heavily monitored and limited). 

No matter who pulls the strings -- billionaires/elites, corporations, governmental/military agencies, dictators, et. al. -- no matter the poli-sci label applied -- Communism, Marxism, Authoritarianism, et. al. -- this is how Nationalized Socialism operates.

With a full $0.90 of every tax dollar going to the blasphemy known as the Military Industrial Security Complex, such an abject failure in National Security as we are experiencing is only ironic to the uninformed. 

It's so complete a failure in National Security which just so happens to coincide with a long-predicted economic crash (due to well-reported High Crimes and Malfeasance in the Political and Financial sectors), and the DOJ and Republican state Governors moved so quickly to take advantage of it while moving so slowly to stop it, that it's no surprise misinformation and "conspiracy theories" have arisen. 

After all, stationing active military units in civilian quadrants and imbuing them with law enforcement powers is very literally the very literal definition of "Martial Law;" that's literally what Martial Law literally is. 


Our "leaders" are failures in every sense of the word: Morally repugnant, politically ignorant, mentally deficient, ethically bankrupt, socially repulsive, dangerous, violent, greedy, petty, petulant, narcissistic, criminal.  Their policies are disastrous, their every thought an affront to any worthy god, their every word an innocent's epitaph.

Personal responsibility starts with them and they must lead by example, not by empty rhetoric, propaganda, force, or force majeure.

There is all but nothing they can do at this point to right their innumerable wrongs, and they deserve absolutely no credit for the last-minute Band-Aids they're slapping on the sucking chest wounds they've inflicted on their constituents, their allies, this nation, and those who refuse to lick their jack boots.

They deserve only contempt.  And a raft of Criminal charges.

But no trials. 

Who needs them?

* "It's the Economy, Stupid" is a phrase thrown about by those in the financial sector to explain and excuse basically everything, but especially bad things for "Main Street," such as Austerity measures.

© The Weirding, 2020

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