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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

PHOTO: Chupacabra - Texas, 2003

Chupacabra - Texas, 2003
Chupacabra - Texas, ca. 2003
This is a photo of the actual Chupacabra taken in Texas, and received by this investigator in 2003.  The unknown photographer said he struck it with his vehicle.  The chupacabra photo has been enlarged for clarity; no other modifications have been made.

"Chupacabra" translates into English as "Goat Sucker," as the chupacabra is said to prey upon goats, parakeets, dogs, and chickens with a vampiric bite which drains its victims of blood.

The Fortean Times first reported on the chupacabra in the February/March issue of 1996 (FT:85) as "Puerto Rica's Mammal Mutilator."  In a brief column, it notes that similar reports had been made as early as the 1970s.

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  1. The chupacabra was almost certainly a chimera, or hybrid, creature created on (or near) Plum Island -- an estimated, but educated, guess, mind you -- but not necessarily "human," per se. That is, probably a product of gene-splicing for the purposes of organ harvesting, research, experimentation, et. al.

    I thought this was pretty interesting and belonged here, though:


    I am certainly not discounting the possibility of a previously unknown creature, especially since the deforestation issue since the 1960s has been so massive and remained mostly hidden from public knowledge. My reasoning is that it first appeared in Puerto Rica, then Mexico, then the South-Western border states, so that seems to repudiate a natural migration. Again, given that the deforestation issue itself is an unnatural intervention... you follow?

    It seems it would have had to have been transported or even released by well-meaning, but ultimately intellectually facile, people for it to have made the movement it did as a species.