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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Does Cain Still Walk the Earth?

Now, this one is a bit far-out and I freely admit that. However, I also posit that this is only a theory and not even a completely serious one, at that. Serious to the point that it's a possibility, but not to the point that I am convinced it explains or "solves" anything. I am just putting this out there because it has occurred to me often enough that I wanted to share it and also because I'd love to hear what anyone else has to say about it:

When discussing the Devil's Footprints phenomena, I had mistakenly thought there were only a couple (maybe three) recorded instances. I knew of the Jersey Devil and the night in England some years prior. However, research has turned-up at least one other, credible report and several other accounts. While some of the others are not exactly in keeping with the general theme of the story, they are still close enough that they are included in the Devil's Footprints lore; we are going to except those for this immediate discussion, though we will include them in future posts for completeness.

We are not excluding them because they present information which could prove contrary to what I am about to suggest, but more specifically because, as I noted, they contain information which lay outside the other, accepted and very credible, reports. Not to mention the fact that I am not too impressed with some of them and question their veracity.

In Genesis, Cain rose up and slew his brother, Abel. While this is after the Original Sin, it is before God sent down the Ten Commandments and much has been discussed of this story. In particular is the discussion of why God chose to punish Cain as He did.

In Genesis 4, verse 10-@14, God sentenced Cain to walk the Earth forever, then clearly marked him so none would kill him.

Again, no one really knows why God did this, though theories abound (my favorite -- and one I was not aware existed outside my own, twisted mind until recently -- is that God felt He shared some of the blame, as Cain could not have known that smiting his brother would lead to his death: According to the Bible, no one had died before this), but it has been alluded to time and again in legend, literature, and lore regarding immortal Evil, such as vampirism.

In the cases of the Devil's Footprints, the reports say that while a few people witnessed something, all witnesses saw tracks resembling a single, horseshoed hoofprint in straight lines.

Yes, it may be "outrageous," but hear me out: what if Cain did exist? What if Cain cannot die, as said in the Bible, but could be injured? What if Cain lost one leg somewhere throughout the last, oh, 5000+ years or so? Living the way he must have to, he wouldn't bother learning to sew or cobble, but he may have hammered a horseshoe onto his feet (now foot, just the one) -- it eliminates the need for footwear and is suitable for all climates.

But, let us go further and separate the Biblical from the idea: 

What if there is a unique creature -- meaning to say, the only one of its kind -- that is simply immortal? It can lose limbs, but can neither die nor reproduce. Would it be intelligent enough to shoe its own extremity or even see the need for it? Is it completely unreasonable to think that, at some point, someone could have captured or imprisoned the beast and shoed it? Maybe in hopes of enslaving it as a beast of burden or a paid attraction. Maybe it actually lost its leg during this theoretical capture?

Granted, this may seem like a "silly" theory or discussion, but things like this are part of what interest me in the paranormal: It makes you think about stuff, no matter how "silly" it all seems. And, there's no way to outright dismiss such a general concept, as the entire phenomena remains Unexplained.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008


  1. Based off of the bible, saying cane will walk the earth forever and will be marked, could it be possible that throughout the 5000 years he grew excessive amounts of hair? Or maybe the excessive amounts of hair were due to the "mark" that god put on him. What I am getting at is, would it not be possible that the creature known as Bigfoot, who people claim to have seen since the early 1800s, could be roaming the earth in his own guilt and shame, hiding from the world so he wont get persecuted? Bigfoot has been around too long to be any human, but every witness has described a very human-like creature who walks just like a human. I know it is kind of a stretch but I figured this post was a stretch as is with the one footed, horse shoe'd, creature so just a theory.

    1. damn I think I might have seen cain

    2. Yes, it's just speculative theorizing based on different stories I've come across while putting together this blog. There are a lot of stories connecting UFOs and Bigfoot sightings, as well, and many say UFOs are reports throughout the Bible. One of the strongest pieces of "evidence" for this is in the Book of Enoch (IIRC), in which Enoch is borne aloft then later dies from what may have been radiation poisoning. That may be Von Danniken, I don't recall. Either way, it could all be connected! :)

      Thanks for posting.

  2. 1st OFF- You misquoted the bible, it does NOT say CAIN will walk the earth indefinately, so all other bets are off. God bless!

  3. First off, you misspelled indefinitely so you're probably wrong. Secondly, unless you can provide proof to back up your claim or disprove what I said, your "point" is invalid. Happy April Fools Day!

    1. Gen 4:12 “If you till the ground, it shall no longer yield its strength to you. You shall be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth.”

      There was no "indefinitely".

  4. Bobby Busha! Bobby Busha! Bobby Busha! Bobby Bushaaaa!?

  5. Why does everyone go on about how could Cain survive the flood etc. The flood did not cover the whole earth. If you read the scriptures it also talks about people on the other side of the flood, read the book of Joshua.

    Also even if Cain was around the flood, if he has been cursed to live forever then he isn't subject to things like drowning etc or that means he can easily kill himself. His body would be different to ours. Just food for thought.

  6. ow old was Cain when he died?
    According to the Lamech legend—which was based on Genesis 4 but which evolved over the centuries—Lamech accidentally killed Cain while he was hunting with his son Tubal-Cain. In the legend, Lamech is a blind but skilled hunter, and Tubal-Cain accompanies him to direct his bow and arrow.

  7. Youre waaay off basis I am continually cast back to earth With nearly full recognition of the past. I don't really care if you believe what I say. I find it difficult to believe in anything after such an existence. it simply to me is what it is. And continually I'm just another human never allowed to go home.

  8. vduub, I found your other comment insightful and informative, although I don't know from whence you culled your information -- however, it appears you deleted it. Would you mind if I published that one? Thanks.

  9. He lives in a town called Greensboro nc in the USA, he has marks on him But has not lost any body parts, he looks to be in his 40s, he owns 3 companies in nc also. Hes had 2 major car crashes but live both. Like more info? Ask me

  10. Why do so many people misquote the bible for their own needs, Yes GOD curse Cain and placed a mark upon him so man would know they would be severally punished if any should kill him. That in its self should tell you Cain could die and is not immortal. His curse was that no matter what he did he would profit from it and walk the earth most likely as a nomad a man without a home living his days as a beggar eating scraps as if he was a dog are wild animal. Cain was still a man and lived as one but never knew the riches and glory given unto his sibling his other brother and sister born of Adam and Eve after his fall. In the End Cain died as we all shall die and that is the end of the story. This goes for the Roman soldier whom pierced Crist rib with a spear during the Crucifixion. Man has polluted the Bible the word of GOD so much no one truly tries to understand it anymore. Just like signs of the time when the moon shall be red as blood and the sun as sackcloth, If you actually read the Word of GOD and understand then you would know "Red is the spiritual representation of sin and the moon is the Spiritual name of Israel "Given to you in Revelations describing the woman with the stars above her head and moon below her feet about to give birth." Sackcloth is to hide from the Glory of God in shame "Found in the story of Jonah and the whale when her finally confronted the nation that he hated so much and they hid themselves with sackcloth from the Glory of God for their shame.. Thus in the end times the Israel shall be full of sin and hide the Glory of GOD from the people. That's all I got to say about that.