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PHOTO: Phoenix Lights, 1997

Phoenix Lights -August 13, 1997
Phoenix Lights -August 13, 1997

Phoenix, Arizona - August 13, 1997.  (Series.)

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Fake News: Operation: Black & Blue - The #BLM Bundy Conspiracy

Charlottesville Murder Hoax
Charlottesville Murder Hoax
The Bundy Conspiracy features so many players, they wouldn't fit in the title -- or even this post!  The #BLM Conspiracy is a wide-ranging, ongoing Human Terrain operation meant to secure largely suburban areas in order to seize land and holdings, as well as identify and neutralize counterinsurgents.

Please forgive the rambling, as this is a sprawling conspiracy requiring a lot of back-and-forth between threads.  The #BLM Conspiracy actually comprises several conspiracies that lead to it, and developed from it.  Plus, the cover stories keep changing, and it's hard to cover them all in their entirety while maintaining the story at the core of the conspiracy.  Remember that rabbits live in burrows, not mere holes.

In 2014, the US Federal government conspired to seize land in Nevada rightfully settled by the Bundy family for use in Black Ops involving space-capable, nuclear-powered craft, as well as the mining of precious metals such as Uranium.  The US Federal government claims to own the mineral rights to all land in the nation, and can use Eminent Domain to seize any and all lands it determines worthwhile to its continued insurgency.  
Bear in mind that the District of Columbia is an autonomous entity not directly in the United States, and not directly affiliated with America (excepting Texas) -- technically distinguishing it as a foreign entity (FARA).  At the time of this writing, DC has continually refused to register as a foreign entity, choosing instead to shutdown and restructure several times over.

I guess they're hoping we forget it and move on?
FOX News, run by the Mafia-connected Murdoch family of Australia, colluded to discredit the elder Cliven Bundy in the original dust-up, by luring him into taboo (in America) discussions on race -- specifically, black Americans -- after armed militias showed up to lend their support and were terrorized by armed government agents in those black helicopters tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists talk about.  But the ragtag militia refused to leave.
In 2016, some of Bundy's supporters stormed the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.  Federal agents opened fire on the dissenters, murdering one in cold blood.  Four separate trials found all participants Innocent and charges against them were dismissed in 2017.  The Federal agent was never charged for murder, but the DOJ allegedly opened an investigation into Federal prosecutors for withholding evidence and other questionable practices.
In response, the Bureau of Land Management organized "competing" cultural elements known collectively as #BLM (an acronym for the Federally-backed syndicate so they can later claim to have legally "disclosed" their identity) to create an Hegelian Dialectic along racial lines:
On one side was the Black Lives Matter "movement," run by the Black Mafia Family (or BMF, for short) under the auspices of the lighter-than-light-skinneded Shaun King; on the other was the Blue Lives Matter "movement," run by the whiter-than-white Richard Spencer, a high-powered lobbyist for the Washington State Police.
Again, both of these "competing" terrorist organizations were founded, organized, funded, and run by the Bureau of Land Management -- or #BLM -- and both collected sensitive, personal information and donations from civilians and citizens under false pretenses.  They also received huge donations from the Anti-Defamation League (JDL), AIPAC/OPEC, and innumerable NGOs and Super-PACs associated with the same.  Those terrorist organizations received the majority of their funding for Operation: Black and Blue from major tech companies claiming to fight racism while simultaneously silencing (American, Canadian, and now Venezuelan) "Left"-leaning news outlets, and accounts run by those opposing war and violence.

The rest of the money that should have been legally declared was laundered through megachurches in Texas, primarily in the Houston and Austin areas, as well as universities in Texas (Austin) and California (Berkley) -- as most of the Human Terrain were recruited from college campuses.  The mob elements are recruited from gangs, and informants with pending "deals."
Like ISIS before them, these military operatives' terrorist activity also extended to social media, where they began a heated and violent campaign against all-comers under the flag, #BLM.  They established "troll farms" with the help of the US military -- specifically, the Air Force (USAF) out of Florida, Virginia, and South Carolina [District 7] -- and terrorized, intimidated, harassed, and silenced everyone who dared dissent.  They also infiltrated oppositional forums, websites, and organizations -- usually by Felonious Access and Identity Theft (hacking accounts and posing as someone these organizations trusted).
Both syndicates terrorized the nation with pre-planned riots that fell squarely on the historical dates of actual protests by actual African-Americans.  Black gangbangers, mostly associated with the Latin Kings, and South Carolina military operatives -- mostly recruiters -- under the auspices of Senator Lindsay Graham and others, burned historic black churches and "tagged" historical monuments with racist graffiti in false flag attacks meant to inflame and incite.
And incite it did:
Richard Spencer's "Blue Lives Matter" movement, working in tandem with the US media conglomerate, used prisoners on release programs -- as well as embedded agents from the DHS, FBI, and DoD -- to throw a White Supremacy Party (or some such nonsense) in Charlottesville, VA, just a few miles from the Commonwealth Barracks if... if you can believe that.

Their online antics had stirred-up a frenzy on both sides, so they expected a decent turn-out.  The actual purposes of this Jerry Springer Show Gone Wild display were to

1) Attract and arrest suspected gangmembers and criminals with outstanding warrants,
2) ID members of the counterinsurgency movements on both sides of the political aisle, and
3) Press the best and the brightest (well, strongest and meanest) into military service as an option to serving time.
While there, a woman who had once been arrested, Heather Heyer, was allegedly killed.  Interestingly, she is the spitting image of alleged NSA "informant," "Reality Winner," from Shaun King's The Intercept "news" site -- a CoIntelPro operation openly engaged in Sedition.  The Intercept is better known for its "counterinsurgency" efforts in locating "whistleblowers" -- such as Heather Heyer "Reality Winner."
"Reality Winner," of course, never existed... or "Heather Heyer" never died.  We're not sure which, as there is also a strong possibility that the two are twins.  The theory is that Heyer was arrested as an activist (or any other reason), then given the option of jail time or working for the Feds, and chose the latter.  She may also have been sent to psych in lieu of jail.  This is only a theory, but those pictures side-by-side are damn convincing.
It was later proven that those who organized the rally were, in fact, military recruiters, and one Jason Kessler who had something to do with Occupy Wall Street (under Barack Obama) a mere two years earlier.  Also, Richard Spencer was selling weapons to the black Streetgangs involved in the myriad protests and "counter-protests" around the nation.  The Big Six media failed to mention that the counter-protestors brought projectiles that included human waste, and began attacking the allegedly White Nationalist... pride fest?  Something about a statue, I don't know -- their story kept changing.  Somewhere along the way, #CutTheCheck started trending on Black Twitter, and Shaun King lost his shit.

Again, it's an awful lot of activity from the same people leading-up to the event, then they all more or less disappeared from the spotlight.  But, on with the conspiracies (there are, as mentioned above, a lot of them here -- Inciting this theater of hate was a big set-piece in their "Every White Person is a Racist Sexist Homophobe Who Works for Russia" narrative, then they all wanted to distance themselves from all the Murders):
One of the #BLM leaders was murdered while riding on a bike in New Orleans; another committed suicide on the courthouse steps; and still another's corpse was found in a burned-out car.  Officials in Louisiana, long a hotbed of corruption, immediately responded by declaring policemen a separate race, protected under new ordinances that are redundant and un-Constitutional.  In so doing, New Orleans officials and police officers -- many of whom are directly connected to streetgangs, themselves -- tacitly admitted their collusion... and made themselves Persons of Interest in all those pesky Murders.

As an aside, let me just note:  Which is easier to believe here?  That all of this is "tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theorist" nonsense, or that policemen are a separate race?  Because they are criminalizing "conspiracy theories," and legally designating policemen a race separate from human.  ANYwho...
On December 20th, 2017, a judge ruled that the Federal government had withheld evidence in the third Bundy case, and declared a mistrial.  
In retaliation, the next day, the BLM illegally removed Confederate statues from the Black Mafia-controlled Memphis, TN (where I'm from, originally), and had them destroyed.  Others were removed from display around the city, but allegedly placed somewhere safe.  The same has been done around the country in order to save the war memorials from vandals working for, or with, the US Federal government and its military under direction of the Bureau of Land Management -- most notably at the University of Texas Austin.

In fact, at the time of this editing 1, Kessler and sundry Fake Right/ANTIFA terrorist military operatives "activists" are planning to recreate their carnage in a commemorative mockery on August 12th, 2018.  Several Conservative organizations and outlets have distanced themselves from the planned event, only to find themselves silenced by Twitter.  Welcome to the club!

It appears a False Flag event is in-play.

If anyone shows up, they will mostly be out-of-towners -- way out of town, as evidenced by their European accents -- arriving in "party" bang tour buses that ship these crisis actors and professional mercenaries around the country.  Some literally bear the name "Storm" on the side.  They are protected by the Mafia (FBI/DHS and also the Police Union -- specifically the aforementioned, Florida, Las Vegas/Carson City, and LAPD) to which they are subservient, and will remain so until "murdered" and whisked-off into the Federal Witness Protection Program... never to be seen again (except on CNN and in the Philippines).

We have posts scheduled that delve into what Human Terrain is, as well as a lot more involving the #BLM and associated conspiracies, but we're expecting to be yanked any day now.  If you can't view it here for any reason, there is an excellent, and comprehensive, award-winning documentary from 2010 which explains the weaponization of culture (Human Terrain Systems) in depth.  Search "Human Terrain Mapping" if you really want to scare yourself.

The same disparate players -- I'll mention Lindsey Graham again -- then murdered some 55 people in Las Vegas (Operation: Credible Threat) on OCT 1, 2017.  And several more eyewitnesses to the event later.  We have already covered O.C.T., but we're still investigating for later reports.

(Should Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg be concerned?  Eric Schmidt isn't.)

This is one of them big 'uns.

1 All links have been removed prior to posting... twice. - Jan. 17, 2018  (But we still have some of them.)
And again - Feb. 6, 2018.
Again - 03-21-18
Originally scheduled for posting on April 17, 2018.
The website's passwords and accounts -- including the registrar's and host's -- were breached during the second week in August, following the rescheduling of this expose.  Outgoing e-mail has been terminated, and spam activity detected on all the associated e-mail accounts.  Trackback to UofA (Texas Austin) through Chaseville, New York, spoofed out of or through the Ukraine.  Salisbury plant exploded, along with some of the evidence of poison manufacturing used on Skripals, others.
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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Fake News: Trump's 2020 Space Force Already Exists

US Air Force Space Command
The Air Force Space Command, or AFSPC, was created in 1982.  Here is a link to its website, and I doubt it cost $8bn to create.  The Fake News from the Big Six Media corporations has manufactured fake outrage for months over this non-story regarding Trump's "Space Force."

If these incompetent dullards are unable to protect us, our infrastructure, or our polling processes from Iranians, Chinese, North Koreans, and Russians, the last thing they need is more of our money to finance their perpetual failure.

Not to mention that they claim we need to give them MOAR money for our Internet infrastructure because... "climate change."  And, also, too?  "Russians" are able to cut our lights (and water) at-will because "Russians" have access to our utilities... despite the fact that the US military literally just underwent an exercise involving cutting utilities to various locales to facilitate invading securing them.  This was called, "Operation: Lights Out."

It's all the usual suspects blowing smoke up our collective skirt in order to embezzle more of our tax dollars -- including the money mandatorily confiscated from every paycheck for Medicare and Social Security -- for their never-ending War Machine and Defense Contract "holes," such as the wall for the Mexican border Bush signed into law in 2007.

If the US Federal government is unwilling to provide SSI/SSA and Medicare, then we should not be forced to pay into it -- period -- nor should they be allowed to use these funds, set aside for a specific purpose, in any other way than for which they are intended.  When there is a surplus, the amount we are forced to pay in should be reduced.  This is non-negotiable; everything else is Felony Embezzlement.  Social Security is not broke, it is not going broke, and anyone who says otherwise is being paid from the very surplus SSI creates to Defraud the populace with Malice Aforethought.

And that is what is going on here: "Trump's Space Force by 2020" with an $8bn price tag already exists and was, in fact, founded under President Ronald Reagan the very year that Social Security was changed to provide for retiring Baby Boomers (1982).

We are being Terrorized and conned into paying, over and over, for the same services few of us ever receive by pieces of shit who have never worked a single day in their worthless lives -- for Social Security, for Internet and Internet infrastructure and Internet security, for Medicare, for Mexican Walls, for Space Forces, and, especially, for the never-ending National Socialist, or Nazi, War Machine.

The AFSPC, or Air Force Space Command, is sometimes referred to as Solar Warden.  Early versions of the Air Force Training Manual contained protocol for encountering aliens and UFO, which is now in the FEMA Training Manual.

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Fake News: CNN's Chris Cuomo Lies About Reading WikiLeaks

CNN: Chris Cuomo Lies About WikiLeaks

Julian Assange ran the website, WikiLeaks, dedicated to publishing the information mainstream media (MSM) and compromised news outlets refuse to carry: In short, what many refer to as "The News."  Assange has made countless enemies by doing so, having been falsely accused of raping two women in one country, and now targeted for assassination by the US and UK joint forces (MI5, MI6, SIS, CIA, FBI, DIA, NSC, NSA, et. al.).

Years ago, Assange took refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.  After tweeting about UK politics, the new Ecuadorian President, a sock puppet, terminated the award-winning journalist's Internet connection, effectively sentencing him to solitary confinement -- a barbarous practice in violation of International Law (yet widely practiced in third-world countries, such as the DR Congo, Saudi Arabia, and the US).

When one Alex Jones reached out to the embattled reporter's mother for an interview, Jones and his supporters were set upon by what is known as "The Deep State" -- a mafia of unelected, and unaccountable, parties which includes the Western media and their controlling corporations.  Jones' infamous "InfoWars" was simultaneously pulled from Apple, Spotify, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google (both controlled by the very specifically titled Alphabet -- a practice the Deep State terms "Full Disclosure"), a move which prompted outrage and condemnation across the board.

While Twitter has allowed Jones' account to remain open, it selectively deleted several Libertarian accounts, along with the accounts of such luminaries as the editorial director of AntiWar, Scott Horton, thanks to unwarranted accusations by CIA asset and self-proclaimed "journalist," Jonathan M. Katz.

It should come as no surprise that The Ecuadorian puppet "President" has escalated threats against Julian Assange as US purchases of Ecuadorian oil have soared.  Nor is it a surprise that Jones' accounts were simultaneously removed when he began digging into the Bill Browder/Uranium One conspiracy involving the 2016 Clinton campaign and the Clinton Global Initiative.  Until WikiLeaks began publishing the recovered (not "hacked," as has been demonstrably proven and confirmed by actual experts) and deeply incriminating DNC files, Assange was lauded by US Democrats and their media lackeys.

In the video above, Chris Cuomo of CNN -- brother of New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo -- threatens his audience with legal action and prosecution for reading WikiLeaks material related to Hillary Clinton and the 2016 Clinton campaign, in which funds for Bernie Sanders were embezzled by DNC racketeers, such as Donna Brazille and Debbie Wasserman-Schulz.

Sadly, former President Obama made this terroristic threat "legal" with the passage of the NDAA.  This form of terrorism is now legally referred to as "positive propaganda," and is ostensibly necessary because "national security."

Conveniently, the "Fake News" purge started the morning after Donald Trump was elected US President.  This quickly became known as #RussiaGate, as Russia -- and President Putin, specifically -- have been blamed for literally all of the DNC's (and "Deep State's") wrongdoings since that time, albeit without a shred of evidence to back up such crackpot conspiracy theories.

The DNC even filed one of the most ludicrous and truly bizarre legal cases in world history -- against WikiLeaks and the entire country of Russia!  Now, the disgraced and thoroughly unmasked "RussiaGate" conspirators have conveniently determined that Julian Assange must be extradited to US soil... to "testify" at their ridiculous and demonstrably Seditious "hearing" on the debunked Steele Dossier they, themselves, assembled.

We don't expect to be around much longer ourselves, as our Twitter account has already been removed, Blogger -- like YouTube -- is owned by Google/Alphabet, and our posts no longer appear on our G+ page.  But we would be remiss in failing to note that we are extremely concerned about the safety and freedom of the unfairly, and unwarrantedly, targeted Julian Assange.

And we are only getting started.

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Las Lomas' UFO OVNI Over Mexico City - August 6, 1997

UFO OVNI Over Mexico City - August 6, 1997
UFO OVNI Over Mexico City - August 6, 1997
This is a still image from one home video of a UFO OVNI over Mexico City on August 6, 1997. This is known as the Las Lomas' UFO video.  While many claimed to have seen the craft that day, some experts say it may have been a hoax.

Exactly one week later, the famous Phoenix Lights event occurred. This case is sometimes called The Phoenix Incident, although the lights were seen as far away as Sonora, Mexico and Nevada.

Were there one or more physical crafts flying around Mexico City and Phoenix, Arizona during the week of August 6 to August 13, 1997?  If so, were they manmade?  And, if not, where did these unexplained aerial phenomena (UFO) come from -- and where have these OVNI gone?

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Friday, August 3, 2018

Fake News: The Nayirah Testimony - The 9/11 Conspiracy, Pt. 1

Nayirah Testimony (UK)

Nayirah Testimony, 10-10-1990.

"Nayirah" was the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the U.S., Saud Nasir al-Sabah.  Her entire "testimony" was a blatant fabrication.  This false testimony was used to manufacture consent for the EU and US' invasion of numerous Middle Eastern countries.

First in a series of Fake News propagated by the Propaganda Arms of the Western Press Corps, which is wholly owned and controlled by six corporations, and even fewer tech companies.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Project: GRUDGE (Pt. 2)

Project: Grudge Borne
Project: Grudge Borne

Project: Grudge Borne, Declassified.

Project: Bluebook.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

US Patent 2,949,550 - T Townsend Brown's Electrokinetic Apparatus

US2949550 - T Townsend Brown's Electrokinetic Apparatus
Thomas Townsend Brown, better known as T. Townsend Brown, filed to patent his Electrokinetic Apparatus in 1957.  Patent US2,949,550 was granted in 1960.  Brown's saucer-shaped Electrokinetic Apparatus was an anti-gravity device containing no moving parts which was capable of amazing speeds.

In 1963, a corporation named Raytheon -- best known for its multitudinous War Crimes -- patented a similar device (US3114517A).

Brown held several patents related to energy and gravity, and worked on a number of US military projects throughout his lifetime, mostly as a consultant.

Thomas Townsend Brown died in 1985.

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