Tuesday, May 15, 2018

PHOTO: Viper Dogfish Caught off Coast of Taiwan

Viper Dogfish - Sputnik, Intl.
Viper Dogfish - Sputnik, Int'l.
First discovered in 1986 and not revealed to the public until 1990, the Viper Dogfish (or Trigonognathus kabeyai) is a rare, deep-sea shark rarely seen by Man.  Not much is known about the species, but it reportedly poses little threat to humans despite its fearsome appearance, as crustaceans and bony fishes comprise its diet.

Earth Touch News revealed the find on January 13th, 2018, and the report was picked-up by Sputnik International.  Specimen have been acquired off the coasts of Japan and Hawaii, as well.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Remember when the New York Times Murdered Gary Webb?

Gary Webb
Gary Webb
Reporter, Gary Webb, discovered that the CIA created crack cocaine and unleashed it on the American black community.

So the US Intelligence Community murdered him.

In 1996, Gary Webb worked for the nefarious New York Times -- a savage front for the Mafia, known to routinely manufacture misinformation and falsify stories (now called "fake news") with impunity.  But, not unlike the NYT did with Roan Farrow's expose of Harvey Weinstein in 2016, the filthy rag refused to publish Webb's scathing expose, then tipped-off [rogue, of course - rogue] US Federal "authorities."  So, the determined and enterprising Webb turned to the relatively "new" and burgeoning Internet to release his expose.

The New York Times - one of the most dangerous methods of lining a birdcage - worked overtime on a campaign to not only discredit Webb, but threaten and mock him -- and countless Mafia/US government -tied periodicals joined the fray.

Soon thereafter, Gary Webb was dead of a "suicide..."

With not one, but two, bullets in his head.

Concurrently, over 40 members of the US military were strangled to death.  Their murders have never been solved.  Crack cocaine contributed to the deaths of countless Americans, both in and out of the black community, before spreading across the world like a virus.

Yet, even after Webb's murder, the NYT refused to relent.

While some insist, even to this day, that the hands of news editors are tied by governmental agencies, the NYT disproved such baseless conspiracy theories when it refused to print Farrow's expose on Harvey Weinstein just a few years back.  Weinstein is a known, and longtime, member of the Clinton Foundation's far-reaching, criminal empire -- as well as a major donor to the Democratic National Committee, the political arm of the aforementioned.

Such organizations are known as "Emperors."  The Clinton Global Initiative is known as an "Overlord."  Like the CIA, these syndicates answer to no known authority -- including murder victim, Gary Webb, the US Senate, or the New York Times.

When all is said and done, the New York Times may not have directly drilled journalist, Gary Webb... but it sure wanted him dead.

And it helped make that happen.

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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Happy May Day!

Beltane - The May Day Festival
Beltane - The May Day Festival
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Monday, April 30, 2018

PHOTO: Nazca Lines Hummingbird

Provided by COETAIL.com
Nazca Hummingbird
An aerial image of the Hummingbird Nazca Lines in Peru, courtesy of COETAIL.com.

NOTE:  Shortly after this post was drafted (not published), some piece of blue-collar shit working in, or with, the Intelligence Community (IS) destroyed part of the monument.

The following (infected) link was later discovered in my Bookmarks:
http://www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/high-winds-expose-previously-unknown-nazca-geoglyphs-001935( )#!bvGw9W

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

MOAR Mind Control - Turkey, 2006-2007

Psycho-Electro Weapon Effects
Psycho-Electro Weapon Effects
The OddBlog has published a number of articles regarding silent weaponry mind control in the US -- and will continue to do so (pending our toe-tag status) -- but this one is from the BBC regarding mind control weaponry that was likely used to commit four murders in Turkey between 2006 and 2007.

According to some Turkish officials, the suicides of four Turkish defense contracting engineers over the span of 14 months were instigated by mind control weaponry.  The claims may sound laughable on the surface, but they didn't to the squinty-eyed nerds over to England's Inspection Board of the Prime Ministry, which launched an independent investigation into the claims in 2013. 

All four engineers worked for Aselsan, one of Turkey's leading military defense firms, on sensitive "friend-or-foe" recognition systems for Turkish warplanes.  Nearly a year later, the Department of Defense (DoD) declassified information on some of its telepathic mind control weaponry as part of some kind of undisclosed settlement.

The US military, including all Federal agencies and funded operatives, freely use such technology on its own citizenry with impunity.  The US military and Federal Officers (Washington, DC) are classified as foreign agencies -- and an Imminent, Hostile, and Immediate Threat (IT) to the American civilian (non-NGO, non- private sector "defense") population -- as the CIA is legally prohibited from working on US soil (that's what Extraordinary Rendition is used for), and everything they, and all other US agencies, are directly involved in currently is prosecutable as High Treason.

This is the extension of an operational military coup which began in earnest in the late 1980s with the Iran-Contra Deal, and the theft of a criminal database software known as INSLAW.  Some 40+ military personnel were strangled to death to secure this coup, which eventually lead to the invasion of Iraq.  This also entails the OK City Bombing (Operation: All Clear), 9/11 (Operation: Able Danger, Operation: Two Towers), and more.

That it is now in the hands of alleged "enemy combatants" cannot be proven, but would only be testament to either their further Treason, or abject incompetence.  That it is in the hands of streetgangs and corporate interests is, again, more proof of the same.

All UK and US/ISraeli personnel should be considered armed, dangerous, and highly volatile.  Those left alive should be imprisoned, and disallowed military legal defense... unless the entirety of the US military wishes to be held liable for Insurgency.  I am to understand that they do not.

The OddBlog will continue to disclose information regarding the widespread use of mind control technology, weaponized pathogens, and other Acts of Treason on -- and against -- American citizens by US Federal agencies, military personnel, and their allies.

From the files of tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theorists.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Project: GRUDGE (Pt. 1)

Project: GRUDGE
Project: GRUDGE
Project: GRUDGE was the name given to what continues to be one of the greatest cover-ups in American history.  The US military remains unable to explain an ever-growing number of "UFO" and aerial phenomena... or does it?

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

We Don't Expect to be Around Much Longer

The National-Socialist Party
The National-Socialist Party
While we hope this post proves less prophetic than yet another file from a "tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theorist," it appears the Combat Initiative Association has disabled access to our YouTube account(s).  This, after our Twitter accounts were suspended following "possible access by third parties," and tire tracks were found in the front yard.

We've been receiving death threats for years now, and complained about fake accounts under our names (as well as The Weirding) on Google, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms.  Most of these were traced back to the DHS, FBI, and ISraeli firms, although The Weirding.com was traced back to the UK defense contracting firm known colloquially as ISIS.  Our accounts have been hacked, our phones tapped, and our homes and privacy invaded; we have been gangstalked both online and off- for decades.  Small, personal items were taken or simply moved -- once while I was in the shower! -- in a continually escalating campaign of terror by a host of very "diverse" players (calico) intent on letting us know "They can get to us."

We have posts scheduled for weeks to come, and we hope you get to see them!  Some include exposes on OCT (Operation: Credible Threat), the #BLM (Operation: Black and Blue), the Phoenix Lights, the Church of Scientology, and more.

But I do not expect to have access to this account, the Internet, or anything else, soon; I was specifically told, "You will miss this."  Two drones then sprayed an "X" in the sky above my home while I was gardening earlier this week.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

How to Know if You Are in a Cult, Pt. 1

Five Divisions
Five Divisions
Zionism is at least as much a religion as Charlie Manson's cult was a family and, foreseeing the collapse of Zionist control in the region, the Church of Scientology has already established a base of operations in Tel Aviv -- proudly defended by one CFI, or Center For Inquiry (also Corporate Financial Institute and Christian Friends of ISrael in the UK -- purely by coincidence, of course).

Zionism was "developed" in the late 19th-Century during a period of Spiritualist Revival in America. Most sources link it to Europe, though more questionable research indicates it may have been developed in America or even Germany.  It is directly connected to several key players in the combustion engine field -- then called railroad barons, but now known as oil barons. *

All receive major backing and funding from the same slush funds as AIPAC and the ADL/EDL/JDL/et.al. Five Divisions "Security Council," or Five Eyes.  Five Divisions refers to the Old Testament; Five Eyes refers to a thoroughly corrupt international drug and human trafficking ring of child pornographers, mass murderers, and unrepentant war criminals.  The establishment of the criminal Five Divisions war cabinet, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) -- its reach furthered by the Homeland Security Act of 2002 (aka, the Dancing ISraelis Contract) -- is ISrael's direct "security liaison" in mainland America.

The NSA, CIA, NSC, and innumerable other Federal departments, use this abuse of human rights to supersede international law -- just as former CIA analysts had said they would in the 1970s.  Information provided by luminaries such as Edward Snowden, Harold Martin III, and Julian Assange confirmed this network of super-predators working in tandem with military operatives stationed around the world.  These men, like ourselves, have been targeted by such homegrown terrorists with copious ties to ISrael, numerous European outfits, as well as Big Oil companies, and other Major Players (MP, for short).

Alphabet, Inc.'s own Eric Schmidt worked directly with the war criminal, Hillary Clinton, while serving as the head of Google, xxx.  Now a MP at the Pentagon, he uses information collected by Google, along with YouTube and other Alphabet, Inc. products, to discredit, censor, and target individuals, dissenting groups, organizations, and entire villages for war crimes, such as identity theft, gangstalking, torture, and drone strikes.  Content to participate in such war atrocities under Obama, then (hoping) Hillary Clinton, several YouTube employees recently pretended to oppose the idea after the media staged a false flag event with an Iranian they had gangstalked.  These Pentagon operatives use a variety of gangstalking methods, including fake accounts and identity fraud.

Not content with cutting-off Assange's Twitter account, his internet access has since been permanently disabled; Abby Martin's report on ISrael's fascism has been blocked in 28 countries (as we are now unable to login to our own YouTube accounts, although they are still visible); Snowden was forced to flee the country; illegal JDL operations, such as Hamilton-68, targeted individuals (including us) for silencing, indefinite detention, and Extraordinary Rendition; military operatives intentionally incited violence through disinformation, fake accounts, and identity theft; and the war crimes keep coming.  All of this was done with Malice Aforethought, and has accelerated dramatically under John Bolton, who answers directly to ISraeli military generals.

That the Palestinians are being forced off their land and exterminated in the same fashion as Amer-Indians before them is no coincidence.  The concept that everything you should stay unaware of is coincidental -- that everything connected and covered-up is coincidental -- is a military disinformation tactic known as "Noble Lie."

ISrael is committing the same war crimes against Syria that it has against the Palestinians to expand its control of water and oil supplies.  This is part of an empirical overreach known as The Greater Israel Project (GIP).  Russia opposes this, and has placed an oil pipeline in the same territory with Assad's blessing.  Zionism, an aggressively militant offshoot, is the Wahabbism of Judaism.  By plying young recruits through religious convictions, Zionism convinces them that they are "Chosen" -- a Master Race -- who have been historically wronged and must now take up violent methods to right this.

Zionism is a cult of identity politics, using religion in place of race, sexuality and sexual identity, or gender (or the lack thereof).  It promotes aggressively Right-Wing, or "Conservative" political leanings, based on the Five Divisions of the Old Testament, and is highly dangerous.  ISrael's recent war crimes in Syria and Iran exemplify Zionism as one of the greatest pseudo-religious, paramilitary threats throughout the world, and its dark influence is prevalent throughout the US military and police union.

But we'll get to all of that later... if They don't get to us first.


* Yes, it's true that the first Practical Zionists came from Russia, following the overthrow of the Czars in the early 20th-Century, but we refuse to play into the Neo-McCarthyism the Pentagon officials are clumsily forcing upon the world.

From the files of tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theorists.

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