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WINES Urges False Flag to Start WWIII with Iran (2012) The Washington Institute for Near East Studies, or WINES , is a terrorist group...

Thursday, October 17, 2019


Hi, all.  Sorry for the sporadic posting as of late but (paying) work demands more attention at the moment.  However, I am always working behind the scenes.

I won't get into all the details because many are sketchy, but US/ISraeli military officials and "private company contractors" (cut-outs and fronts) are absolutely hacking the site and tracking readers, both online and off-.  All of this bullshit in the news about "hacks and breaches," "Russian hackers," "Iranians," and "errors" is just that; those are cover stories for their online Black Ops.

Absolutely zero of our investigations have lead to foreign agencies, companies, or actors -- with one or two exceptions which actually did lead to China.  However, not unlike the US/ISraelis, those appear to have been carried-out by "independent actors" (not State-sponsored).  There's really no way for me to know that for certain, though.

ALL -- every, single one (aside from that handful of exceptions) -- lead back to the US military (Air Force, specifically), FBI/NSA/Alphabet, Inc., the UK, and ISrael.  Specifically in Alabama, specifically in Florida, specifically Texas, specifically Denver, Colorado, specifically New York, specifically Chicago, specifically MI6 (right to their Goddamn street address -- behind a lot of spoofed IPs), specifically North ISrael.

North Korea is not buzzing my house in black choppers, frightening my pets and terrorizing my houseguests.  China didn't tap my phonelines and those of my friends' and family.  Russia didn't hack my network and my parents' devices.  Iran didn't redirect my advertising traffic and revenue to police fundraising accounts in New York City and Arizona.  ISrael hacked my Grammarly account through a call center in India... just.  So you know I know.

So, I am doing what I can, as I can, to close some security loopholes, such as links to unsecured sites (HTTP vs. HTTPS) that are being hijacked to redirect traffic to sites unknown and force trending articles in the sidebar.  I've disabled Google Ads, which was blatantly hacked from inside Google after I blocked all ISraeli-based ads and those from ISraeli Sympathizers (IS).  I've removed a lot of sponsored posts that I assume were being used to hijack traffic or send some kind of coded message or something (there's no reason sponsored posts on musical instruments from 2013 should ever be trending).  And so forth.

I'm actively looking for some spooky stuff for Halloween but, unfortunately, I am not 100% certain I'll be able to get to it this year.  I am working on it, though.  If I can't post it in time, please have a Happy Halloween!

As always, thanks so much for visiting and don't forget our peers and sponsors in the sidebar!

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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Russell Targ's Banned 2013 TEDx Talk on Psychic Abilities

Physicist and parapsychologist, Russel Targ, began working with the CIA in the 1970s on programs centered on the recruitment and development of spies with psychic abilities.  He worked with the agents behind the MK-ULTRA program, which used various methods to create Manchurian Candidates of innocent civilians, like Sirhan-Sirhan.  Started around 1953, MK-ULTRA ran well into the 1990s and branches of it continue to this day.

Targ is the man who coined the term, "Remote Viewing."

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Monday, September 23, 2019

Neptune, Vulcan, and Planet X

Neptune composite by NASA, 1989
Neptune was discovered on this day in 1846 though it is said that Galileo's calculations pinpointed it as early as the 17th-Century.  Using the same methodology, scientists theorized another planet existed, as well, and named it "Vulcan."  While Vulcan's existence has never been confirmed, some still insist that it is hidden behind the Sun.

This "hidden planet" theory has since mutated into "Planet X," or "Planet 9," and features prominently in Doomsday scenarios, Flat-Earth MISOs (23/Isis), and books by Zecharia Sitchin.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Alexander Weygers' Flying Discopter

Alexander Weyger patented his Discopter in 1944 (US2377835), though he began designing a flying disc vehicle some 20 years earlier.  Although some of the materials linked to in this article heap esteem on him for his many laudable achievements, Weyger was not the first to design a flying disc vehicle, nor was he the first to patent one.

In fact, the Discopter is exactly what its name implies: A disc-shaped helicopter.  It is certainly possible that even trained airmen could have mistaken the Discopter for a classic, "flying saucer" UFO, especially at a distance.  It is also probable that some, authentic photos may be pictures of an actual Discopter in flight.

However, rotating blades make more than a slight hum (trust me) and helicopters do not leave residual traces of radiation, nor do they change color; reach speeds in excess of... well, helicopters; morph into various shapes; or exhibit any other signs of genuinely, unexplained aerial phenomena.  Besides, the Discopter was never mass produced and, even if the military had a fleet of them, you can see a helicopter's rotary blades with the naked eye, as well as in most videos and photos.

Still, Alexander Weyger's contributions to the fields of engineering and ufology, in general -- as well as many others -- are respectable.  And he, himself, quite fascinating!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Pull It! #Neverforget

September 11, 2001
Fun and Profit

WTC 7 was an Admitted Controlled Demolition

WTC 7 has been conclusively proven to have fallen by demolition unrelated to that tiny campfire the media kept focusing on literally all day (Pretext) on 9/11/2001.

This study was unnecessary, since the owner and insurance policy holder of all three buildings that fell on 9/11, "Lucky" Larry "Double Down" Silverstein, openly confessed to demolishing WTC 7.

I vividly remember chatting on the phone and online (in AOL chatrooms*) with friends on September 11th, 2001, and joking with them about that teeny, tiny fire in WTC7 the media kept cutting to.  We all wondered WTF that was about, since the Twin Towers had just collapsed and thousands were presumed dead despite ongoing rescue efforts.

We also wondered why no one had not already just gone up there and put out that little, itty-bitty fire the media kept cutting to.  In some markets.

A few of the explanations we came up with that I recall included a rather involved discussion about the fireplace in someone's luxury office suite, when they were going to rescue the squatters who had obviously started a barrel fire and were sending "S.O.S." smoke signals to first responders, and something about a candle in the wind[ow].

Bombs Were Exploding on Live TV

But, it wasn't the collapse of WTC7 which sealed the "inside job" theory for anyone with a lukewarm IQ; absolutely no one at that time questioned whether or not the three buildings had been felled by controlled demolitions or, at the very least, a series of bombs planted inside the buildings -- not the eyewitnesses, not the victims, not the first responders, not even the media!

Bombs were going off inside the Twin Towers as emerging victims were being interviewed outside -- that's why they were moving people away from them!  I repeat: Bombs went off inside the Twin Towers on live TV.  Luckily, YouTube has pulled all those videos in an Act of War.

Covering-up a War Crime is a Crime Against Humanity.  I know their lawyers know that, although they may be surprised as to the extent to which said laws apply to them and their clients.

It was assumed, and openly discussed on TV, that whomsoever had flown the planes into the Twin Towers had also planted the bombs inside.  The theory was that the buildings were supposed to have collapsed when the planes hit them as a coordinated attack but the impacts had somehow delayed the blasts.  I only learned that the "Official Story" lied about there being no bombs in the buildings, and also neglected to mention WTC 7 completely, a few years ago!

No one ever doubted that these were [controlled demolitions] until after WTC 7 fell: That's when the media went into Disaster Control mode.  For 15 years, I was unaware of the fact that a significant portion of Americans had never even heard of WTC 7 because their local news affiliates had been instructed not to show that coverage.

Anyone who disputes that is either a fool, a liar, or both.

Peter Jennings literally said, "One of the alleged terrorist's passports was found on top of the rubble... if you can believe that."  Because only an idiot would believe that.


But, just for shits and giggles, let's say it did happen the way "The Official Story" claims (it did not):

Then why were as many as 200 Mossad agents, many of whom were posing as movers and construction workers who used white vans, arrested?  What were these Mossad "art students" doing in the first place, regardless of their connection to 9/11?  Why were authorities pursuing white vans across bridges, around the city -- all the way down to Miami -- for the next three days?

They already knew who did it and they were already dead -- case closed.

Propaganda experts blamed Osama Bin Laden literally 10 seconds after the second plane hit and all of the terrorists involved were dead -- clearly -- so why does YouTube keep pulling all of the videos that conclusively prove this was a false flag committed by the US military and its Allies in the Axis of Evil?

Why did the New York Post run a cover story claiming that Bush Knew! -- the very one Hillary Clinton so angrily (in public) bandied about before some bullshit committee of her fellow war criminals and assorted Mafiosi?  Why did France publish an entire website and book claiming the US government did it?  Why were we all suddenly eating "Freedom Fries?"

Why did some war criminal's war criminal daughter lie about Kuwaiti babies being "ripped from incubators?"  Why isn't that bitch in jail, BTW?  Why did the war criminal, Colin Powell (you really have to remind me to tell you about INSLAW), lie to us about WMD in Iraq?  And why isn't that bitch in jail?

Why did we invade Iraq when absolutely no one who was alleged to have been involved in the false flag attack perpetrated in New York City on 9/11, 2001, was from, or even had any connection to, Iraq?

Speaking of which, if neither of the Twin Towers could withstand the very real possibility of a plane crashing into them without collapsing like a tween girl at a Jeffrey Epstein party, why aren't the architect and construction companies in jail?  WTC 7 fell faster than an actress at Bill Cosby's house and wasn't even hit by rubble falling from the Twin Towers, much less a plane!  Why isn't a single safety official who cleared that obviously derelict, dangerous wreck of a structure in prison?

If it was all "case closed" moments after it happened, why did any of these things take place at all?  Why did we even "need" the Patriot Act?

And what about all that anthrax?

Just like Jeffrey Epstein's Mossad network, everyone involved -- and everyone who questioned these war criminals' bizarre, irrational, and simply impossible "explanations" afterward -- conveniently up and died without anyone but us white supremacist, white nationalist, racist, misogynist [, Insert Actionable Libel Case Here], conspiracy theorizing, Russian agents in the Flyover States finding any of it to be the least bit suspicious.

And everyone involved who did not die just... got away with it.

War Crimes

The Media (and everyone else involved) is still covering up these War Crimes today, by the way -- piling Crimes Against Humanity on top of War Crimes to obstruct any attempts at pursuing legal recourse against their co-conspirators for fear of it opening them up to possible recourse for their Complicity "Compliance."

And, whether or not it is proven that they were co-conspirators Before the Fact (which I believe both the Nayirah testimony and their clear foreknowledge of WTC 7's imminent collapse proves), they are absolutely Guilty of being Accessories After the Fact to several of the most egregious War Crimes in our lifetimes.

These are absolutely not "journalists" because, if they were, they'd be indefinitely detained without just cause in a foreign country and tortured, libeled, and publicly humiliated by their less-talented "peers," so the First Amendment absolutely does not apply to their MISC propaganda.

These Fundamentalists hide behind the First Amendment, contending they were "just doing their job[s]," but no one asked these mercenaries to do that job, they got paid to do that job -- no one held a gun to their collective, talking head.  Not a single one of them was, or ever has been, in danger of losing anything but a small, personal fortune made from War Profiteering.

Besides, they also claim to be retired, medical and legal professionals, theologians, architects, engineers, chemists, and physicists.  Talk about a Black Hole.

Acts of War TL;DR

The Acts of War the American MISC and Federal government, along with their Allies, committed on 9/11 are Internationally recognized as such and the Acts of War that followed -- numerous Wars of Aggression against legions of Innocents, including multitudinous, Declared Wars on the American citizenry -- were committed, out of pure Malice, for profit, and personal and political gain.

That 9/11 was a false flag attack perpetrated by the US Federal government and Military Industrial Security Complex ("MISC" on their financial docs) has been proven well beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt several times over.  On that, We, the People -- despite our various political, ideological, and even religious differences -- wholeheartedly agree.

These War Criminals are considered fugitives from Justice, running wild in Sanctuary Cities like Washington, DC; in Phoenix, Arizona; all over Silicon Valley, California; and throughout the ISraeli-Occupied, hostile territory state of Florida.

Demanding that they and their accomplices be held accountable does not make any of us "Nationalists," "Conspiracy Theorists," "Anti-Semites," nor "Russian Agents;" it makes us Law-abiding citizens under the oppressive, and Highly Treasonous, rule of unelected, heavily armed, psychopathic War Criminals Guilty of Sedition, High Treason, and a raft of further War Crimes against millions of civilians, worldwide.

* Prior to 9/11, AOL chatrooms were limited to something like 23 people; on 9/11, AOL increased that limit (to something like 31), due to the explosion of chatroom activity.  Tens of thousands of us stayed on AOL -- which was basically the earliest form of the commercial Internet, despite it being a BBS -- for days on-end, discussing live news coverage of the event as it unfolded.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Catalina Island, CA - 1966, Leland Hanson VIDEO

The UFO video Leland Hanson took from a helicopter while on assignment over Catalina Island in California, 1966.

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Saturday, August 17, 2019