Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Fluoride is a Toxin - GB8236, US934871

Fluoride is a Toxin
Fluoride is a Toxin
Fluoride was developed as an insecticide and toxin for vermin control in the 19th-Century (that's the 1800s).  Charles Henry Higbee of New York City, NY filed the first patent in England (GB8236) in 1896; a US patent (934,871) was first issued in 1909, with several more following.

Fluoride was first introduced to Americans' drinking water en masse without approval by, or informing, the Citizenry in the 1940s.  Rumor has it that this was a Nazi plot, though I repeat that is only an unverified rumor.

At least one Harvard study found that fluoride has a deleterious effect on children's neurological development.  Numerous organizations have determined that fluoride is likely a cancerous agent, and US governmental agencies have actually suggested lowering levels of fluoridation in Americans' drinking water.

This has yet to happen.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Dr. Zippermeyer's Windkanone

Dr. Zippermeyer's WWII Windkanone, or Whirlwind Cannon, was meant to be used as an anti-aircraft device, but failed to work at high altitudes for unreported, or unknown, reasons.

The Whirlwind Cannon generates explosions in the combustion chamber, then directs the force through the oddly designed nozzle, apparently (judging from the name) creating whirlwinds.

Smaller models reportedly worked well against wooden planks at short ranges, but the larger model Windkanone was found on the Artillery Proving Ground at Hillersleben in April, 1945.  Dr. Zippermeyer's Whirlwind Cannon, at least the bulk of it, had been left to rust after development was abandoned.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Fourth of July from The OddBlog!

Suicidal Tendencies - Subliminal

This video is likely to have been censored from YouTube by the time this post goes out.

Happy Fourth of July!

Suicidal Tendencies - Subliminal

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Rock Eagle Mound

Rock Eagle Mound, Georgia
Rock Eagle Mound
While Stonehenge and Easter Island are the most well-known ancient monuments, America is littered with mysterious wonders predating the Historical narrative we've been taught.  Rock Eagle Mound in Putnam County, Georgia, is one of those that has yet to be explained.

Thought to be at least 1500 years old, Rock Eagle Mound may be twice that age.  The actual bird represented by the rock mound has a wingspan of 120' and is unknown, as well.  While assumed to be an effigy mound, as Native American burial mounds are scattered across the continent, no one knows the monument's true purpose.  If Eagle Rock Mound is a Native American effigy mound, some scholars think it may predate all other effigy mounds in America.

Many Native American tribes revered animals -- particularly animals of prey -- as they practiced Shamanism, and other forms of Animism.  Eagle Rock Mound may well be a monument to the Spirit of Eagle, or even The Great Spirit itself.

However, Zoroastrians often depicted the Creator (the Supreme Being, Ahura Mazda, or Ormazd: Lord of the Wise) as a winged bird of prey, carrying the sun across the sky, or swallowing it at nightfall -- and, in many instances, this bird appears to be an eagle!  Could Canaanites or their predecessors have visited North America?

Some believe Ormazd became the Biblical Mithras, and may have been the idol of a secretive cult within the ranks of Roman soldiers around the time of Christ 1.  And while that theory seems to lack basis (and may be politically motivated), if true, it could mean that Romans were in North America far earlier than believed.

All told, Eagle Rock Mound in Georgia remains one of the most mysterious man-made monuments in the United States of America!

The picture above was lifted from www.ExploreGeorgia.org, and is shared under Fair Use.

1 As most of the information surrounding this particular "cult" comes from Biblical text, Mithras may have referred to gold -- often used to represent the sun.  The "Cult of Mithras" might refer to mercenaries, or soldiers easily bribed, within the ranks of the Roman Guard.  Rome was notoriously corrupt, especially at that time.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Regulations Governing Mountain Climbing Expeditions in Nepal — Relating to Yeti

Regulations Governing Mountain Climbing Expeditions in Nepal — Relating to Yeti
Regulations Governing Mountain Climbing Expeditions in Nepal - Relating to Yeti
In 1959, the US Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal issued a one-pager entitled Regulations Governing Mountain Climbing Expeditions in Nepal — Relating to Yeti.  In the memo, pictured here, the US Embassy demanded $77 for expeditions meant to prove or disprove the existence of the elusive cryptid (known in North America as Bigfoot).

However, the document clearly states that any and all evidence of the Yeti's existence must be immediately surrendered to the Nepalese government, and not reported to journalists or media outlets.  Presumably, any definitive evidence might torpedo the region's tourism industry (which remains a booming trade to this day) -- but it could also endanger the Yeti.

Though this document was released several years back, and reported on by both Slate and Time, it was brought to our attention by peers who shall remain anonymous (but are welcome to comment).  We would like to thank them for the Regulations Governing Mountain Climbing Expeditions in Nepal — Relating to Yeti!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Ghost Vibe - 19Hz

Bell Labs
Bell Labs
Research by engineer, Vic Tandy, concluded that the frequency of 19Hz causes visual hallucinations and psychological disturbances in humans and some animals.  Known as "infrasound," this range exists just below normal human perception.  Tandy and other researchers believe it may account for many alleged ghosts and hauntings.

19Hz vibrates the eyeball, resulting in blurry vision and "shimmering" hallucinations, as well as the sensation of lowered temperature, and a sense of unease or being observed -- all of which have been associated with hauntings and reported ghost sightings.  Tandy first made the discovery after experiencing a "haunting" in his own lab in the 1980s.  He determined the haunting was due to a recently replaced extractor fan, which was emitting a frequency of 18.9Hz -- just under the normal range of human hearing, which begins at 20Hz.

To test his ghostly theory, he investigated a 14th-Century Coventry pub's cellar where a gray apparition and discomfitting feelings had been reported for years.  There, he discovered a standing wave field of 19Hz -- just as with the fan in his lab!  Even today, Vic Tandy is known as the man who discovered "the sound of fear."  Of course, this does nothing to account for EVP...

In the 1960s, NASA published several reports on sound frequencies and their effects on humans, which can be devastating.  In fact, infrasound has been shown to induce dizziness, fear, panic, and hyperventilation.  NASA researcher, G.H. Mohr, determined that other frequencies could have more destructive, even deadly, physical effects.

The US military regularly employs silent weaponry on US civilians and other "enemy combatants."  The technology is readily available to civilians, or can be created with little technical know-how, and is in use by streetgangs, corporations, police, "religious" organizations, Hollywood, and others throughout the US.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Hunt for Nessie is Renewed!

Surgeon's Photo
Surgeon's Photo
Every year about this time, the Loch Ness Monster -- known affectionately as "Nessie" -- seems to rear her possibly prehistoric head.  While skeptics decry the timing as suspicious, and specifically meant to drive tourism to Scotland's most famous loch, intriguing evidence sometimes surfaces.

Now, scientists are preparing to use DNA research to determine whether or not some unknown creature(s) truly exists within Loch Ness -- kind of.

Evolutionary genetics professor, Neil Gemmell of New Zealand’s Otago University, freely admits that he is using the legend of Loch Ness to fuel interest in his expedition, but says he is keeping an open mind.  The DNA research trip is expected to find unknown forms of marine life, for which Loch Ness is also known.  The word, "cryptozoology" literally means, "the science of unknown animals."

The legend of a lake monster in Loch Ness dates back at least 1,000 years, and is generally thought to have originated with Saint Columba, who stopped Nessie from eating a man swimming the lake.  Some sources note that a Northern Scottish tribe was actually the first to record a strange, flippered beast in drawings -- some 1,000 years before Saint Columba's time!  Most Nessie sightings have occurred after the 1934 Inverness Road was built.  And while the Loch Ness Monster has suffered its share of hoaxes and ridicule, innumerable photos and film have confounded researchers throughout the years.

Scotland's tourism industry is unlikely to suffer due to a renewed interest in Loch Ness, but that was hardly on the minds of early observers, or Professor Gemmell.  Cryptozoology is a fun and exciting scientific endeavor, and although we doubt much will come of the DNA search insofar as Nessie goes (for numerous reasons), we hope it draws more researchers into the field.

According to RT, 2017 was a highwater mark for Nessie sightings in the 21st-Century.

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Monday, May 28, 2018

US Politicians Who Own Stock in Defense Contracting Companies

US Defense Contractor Bribes
US Defense Contractor Bribes
We've been drumming the anti-war skins for a while now, but we have no end to the weirdness, so I promise to get back to more inexplicable oddities in coming weeks (ghosts and goblins, dogmen, loch monsters, et. al.) - especially since so many new and exciting developments have occurred.

However, the Big Six/Five (Media) has continually terrorized American citizens with impending doom as politicians in high places regularly threaten us all with nuclear holocaust, so I figure this is kind of important - and definitely a conspiracy.

Following is a list of US Senators who have received defense contracting bribes lobbyist money, and/or own stock in defense contracting companies.

These pieces of untouchable, inhuman shit are generally referred to as "warhawks," but that is a pleasant descriptor for mass murdering psychopaths devoid of conscience or morality.  It is naive to think that such creatures exist only in the US, as nations such as, but not limited to, China, ISrael, and Russia are all too eager to appease these assholes' thirst for civilian blood -- War is, after all, a "boom-time economy," during which they get to show off their toys while advancing their means of committing further atrocities against Mankind.

Despite ISrael's barbarism and damning influence in US politics, this is no "Jewish Plot" -- the majority of ISraelis do not practice traditional Judaism to begin with, and few ISraeli civilians are content with their government's escalating War Crimes; this is The Business Plot Smedley Butler - slandered by the Media as a conspiracy theorist, and worse - warned us about nearly a century ago.

"War," Butler famously noted, "is a racket."  And the racketeers involved may surprise some, since they - just as we saw with the appointment of Bloody Gina Haspel and the flat-topped, Flintstonian thug, Mike Pompeo - are Democrats and Republicans, Labours and Tories, Zionists and self-proclaimed X-ians, et. al.; War profiteers - like racists - come in all shape, color, size, religion, and political persuasion.

So it follows that these members of a sub-human race should be convicted of Racketeering -- and any prosecutor in the world could choose to try them under the RICO Act, but would "commit suicide" long before the trial began.  (Just as we saw with the DNC Embezzlement trial in District 7, Florida.)  The better way to serve humanity is to charge them with a litany of War Crimes - including Murder in the First, Conspiracy, Sedition, Insurgency, and High Treason - and publicly execute them.

That's no threat, nor does it rise to the level of "Incitement;" that is the Sentence for at least half the charges they face as a Seditious Collective, under Penalty of Law.  That they exist to this very day is proof that I've no personal means of meting Justice to these Guilty parties -- nor does anyone else, living or dead.

But, by God, I've been known to swing a hammer, and I'm happy to help build the gallows:

The Discovery phase of the DNC's unwarranted lawsuit against the entire country of Russia (for fuck's sake), as well as WikiLeaks, would bring their multitudinous crimes to light, so it might be tossed like Adam Schiff's salad in the back of a cream-colored limo... just as an off-hand example.  But they are going to double-down, dragging even more parties into the fray - ignoring all US and International Law, all domestic court and international tribunal decisions, threatening judges and authorities, and utilizing their control of the Corporate Press and digital companies (like Facebook and Google) to bury their exponentially mounting crimes.  (Again, as we saw with the DNC's Embezzlement trial in District 7, Miami.)

Socialism, intentionally misconstrued by the Press and its opponents as Communism or Marxism, is not the problem - especially when so few can even define it - and circumventing the governmental structure through corporate proxies that bribe lobby it to do their bidding (Racketeering) is no different from the government controlling the corporations (Communism).  Socialism is not the issue because what The People demand is not Socialist in nature:

When CEOs take home - not earn, or generate - over 100x that of employees, receive kickbacks in the form of corporate welfare, and hide their earnings overseas to avoid taxation, it's called Theft.  No one's asking for a "hand-out," or even a "hand-up," by calling for an end to such blatantly unfair practices and widening inequality (known as Predatory Capitalism, or Aggravated Grand Larceny), nor is demanding a living wage, and reasonable working and living conditions, some kind of Marxist "redistribution of wealth;" no one but the corporate fat-cats are getting something for nothing here.

The redistribution of wealth occurs when CEOs and corporate behemoths take home over 100x that of employees through fraudulent means and unfair trade practices, yet pay nothing into the systems supported by the collection of taxes, thus shifting the burden back to the taxpayers they employ.

That is known as Double Taxation.

The Islamic faith, like Judaism, is not the problem - no moreso than the 250+ flavors of X-ianity, or Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other belief structure, religious or otherwise.  All of this claptrap is known as a straw man argument, which is why the DNC, ANTIFA, the "Alt-Right," and their ilk always resort to shouting matches and violence to drown-out their opponents.

The Problem is that these are base, and exquisitely stupid, non-human specimen incapable of doing their jobs - jobs for which they are unfit, jobs for which they were unqualified in the first place.  Trump's appointments are a textbook example: What qualifications do Ivanka, Jared Kushner, Mike Pompeo, or Donald Trump, Jr. have to hold any political office?  For that matter, what qualifies President Bigwig himself?

This is not news to these insects, nor anyone else.  So, to these ends, almost all US politicians are lawyers and/or legal "experts" specifically for the purposes of subverting the Law, worldwide.  The War Criminal, Barack Obama, is another perfect example: A Constitutional lawyer who attempted to pass the TPP - an illegal, international trade agreement he not only intentionally hid from the voting public, but about which he intentionally misled us - and manipulated the rule of Law to silence dissenters in a Draconian reign of terror that has yet to subside.

Such a grand Conspiracy constitutes Sedition.  Covering-up these crimes elevates it to High Treason.

Do not refer to these criminals or their syndicate as "Globalists;" all economies beyond the hyper-localized are global by their very nature, and most of the world's cultures are representative of this.

These are Imperialists.

This filth - on both sides of The Pond, on both sides of the Aisle - are neither Diplomats nor Politicians; these are smart-mouthed whores masquerading as pseudo-intellectuals: Ignoramuses educated beyond their intellectual capacity, who are incapable of sustaining a peacetime economy, and unwilling to campaign for forward Progress under any circumstances.

Had they ever learned to lose gracefully, or compromise in any way, who knows what may have been.  But these are greedy, selfish, pampered, simplistic morons whose delusions of grandeur and propensity for violence prop-up luxurious, and undeserved, lives spent wallowing in Denial.  This is a sub-sect of some ancient, primordial lifeform which has never won on an even playing field, nor even when the axis is overwhelmingly tilted in their favor, because they can not -- and, for this reason, they bear an awesome grudge against all Mankind - conspiring endlessly to murder, disenfranchise, and enslave as many of us as they can.

They fight abortion to ensure population growth, then fight welfare programs designed to feed and shelter the population specifically to force young adults into servitude to the Police State - as they are incapable of creating jobs outside of the bloated military sector.  They send these young slaves to murder and die in foreign lands to enrich themselves and forward their corporate interests, and use soft violence to disenfranchise those of us who oppose this, turning the very soldiers we seek to protect against us, convincing their friends and families that we - of all people - do not respect their lives or "service."  Which is, of course, a literal half-truth.

The most bitter of ironies is that these soldiers, robbed of an education, accuse us of being "Communists" for not supporting the wars in which they murder and die in service to their government.

A Scorched Earth Policy is not these political hacks' final option -- it's their first, and only, attempt at "Diplomacy."  May God help us all when they don't get their way!

Here, then, is a list of US Senators who received bribes from defense contractors in recent months (2018).

This constitutes High Treason.

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