Friday, April 19, 2019

Operation: All Clear - The Oklahoma City Bombing

Oklahoma City Bombing
Oklahoma City Bombing
The Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995 was alleged to have been carried-out by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols (alone).  It was reported to be a "White Supremacist" -inspired plot to exact revenge on the ATF and US Law Enforcement for Waco and Ruby Ridge -- but that cover story is even more implausible than the one for 9/11!

In fact, there were at least five truckloads of explosive materials later discovered at the site of the blast, which destroyed (or damaged) over 320 other buildings in a 16 block radius.

US Law Enforcement agents terrorized and murdered witnesses and their family members for years following, and McVeigh was put to death in June of 2001 before he could finish his Final Words (a poem entitled Undefeated).

McVeigh wasn't a very good White Supremacist, either: Adolph Hitler's birthday is April 20th, not the 19th.

April 19th is, though, important in military history: It bears significance in both the American Revolution and the Civil War.  And we were warned about the Military Industrial Complex, and its penchant for Insurgency.  Those girls do love their dates.  Timothy McVeigh did have a military past, and was directly involved in the OK City Bombing -- no one's trying to exonerate him here!  Actually, some sources suggest he was a MIC "legend" long before all of this played out.

While innumerable discrepancies in the "official story" exist, the best one is the severed leg, clad in a military boot, which was discovered at the scene... and belonged to no one known to be present in the vicinity at the time of the Oklahoma City Bombing, deceased or otherwise -- despite (allegedly) extensive DNA tests.

To this day, no one has... ahem, stepped forward to claim the limb.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Metallica - Eye of the Beholder

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

STS-48 - UFO Dodges Attack - NASA OVNI (VIDEO)

This is the STS-48 NASA video footage of a UFO which appears to dodge an unknown object possibly fired from, or close to, Earth.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

STS 114 - NASA Space Shuttle UFO Footage (VIDEO)

During the STS 114 Space Shuttle mission in July of 2005, NASA cameras caught not one, not two, but several instances of UFO activity in deep space.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Children Exposed to Religion Fail to Discern Fact from Fantasy

Integrated Strategic Improvement Systems
Integrated Strategic Improvement Systems
Studies show that children who are exposed to religion and religious beliefs have a harder time separating fact from fantasy than their non-religious peers.

In the studies, the children were divided into four groups: Public school students who attended church and did not attend church comprised two groups; the other two groups were divided similarly among students from parochial schools.  The groups were then exposed to three types of stories: Biblical, Fantasy (generally involving magic and/or the Supernatural), and realistic.

While all of the children correctly identified the protagonist as real in stories about mundane events (realistic), children who attended church or parochial school had difficulties determining whether or not the protagonists from Biblical and Fantasy stories were real or not.  Children from public schools who did not attend church almost uniformly identified Biblical and Fantasy protagonists as fictitious.

While the study has limitations, the researchers concluded that exposure to religion is more likely than not to detrimentally affect children's ability to discern fact from fiction.

The results were published in Cognitive Science in 2014.

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

LRAD Silent Weaponry: Voice to Skull, The Scream, Voice of God

LRAD Silent Weaponry - 2004

LRAD Silent Weaponry -- known by several other names, including "Mouth to Skull," "Voice to Skull," "The Scream," and "Voice of God" -- is used in Federal and government "sanctioned" gangstalking to imitate Paranoid Schizophrenia in Targeted Individuals.

Too many entities have denied this weaponry's existence for decades, as it is in heavy use amongst defense contractors -- specifically those tied to Senators, Congressmen, and Special Interest groups -- across America.  In fact, I have yet to see a legitimate case of Paranoid Schizophrenia that was not, in fact, a victim of LRAD silent weaponry; Paranoid Schizophrenia does not exist.

LRAD operators verbally abuse victims to break down their defenses, then use hypnotism and hot words techniques to manipulate their emotional states in a manner similar to that Facebook used in its heinous "anger experiments."  Victims' bizarre behavior drives away friends and family members, isolating the victim.  Once isolated, the voices escalate their abuse.  Their behavior becomes increasingly irrational and volatile, and many turn to drugs and promiscuity to self-medicate.  This chain of carefully plotted and executed events often leads to homelessness.

In the "Voice of God" scenario, victims are sucked into a bizarre "war" between God and the Devil -- "God" is heard in one ear, "the Devil" in the other; other scenarios convince the listener that they are being observed in some kind of game, or on a TV show.  These scenarios are usually directed at drug-users, presumed lawbreakers, and "People of Faith," and seem to be most prevalent in the Black community.

These LRAD attacks shake the victim's confidence, use gaslighting in addition to verbal torture, and prey upon the victim's identity and sexuality.  Attacks are coordinated with operatives online, on TV, over the phone, and even through the radio in classic "Paranoid Schizophrenia" scenarios.  Friends and family members are often roped-in unwittingly, convinced by doctors or law enforcement to act a certain way or call certain authorities during "episodes."

This is known as "gangstalking," and is used by Streetgangs, US Federal agencies, bounty hunters, defense contractors (such as Raytheon, Black Cube, and TigerSwan,, and others.  Victims of gangstalking and LRAD silent weaponry Terrorism are known as "Targeted Individuals."

Silent weaponry affects the victims' memories; hypnotize and berate victims into submission to direct and/or control their behavior; and can also be used to imitate physical maladies, such as Parkinson's disease and Epilepsy.  Many affected will twitch, have violent muscle spasms, and talk to themselves.  Victims will not remember events, especially those involving erratic behavior, as they have been brainwashed.

The original "Voice of God" scenario included ball lightning, which would appear and claim to be "Allah" (Arabic for "God").  It was proposed in 1990, and meant to be used solely in the Middle East.   Use of this military-grade weaponry is classified "Restricted," but it has been in heavy use on American civilians since the 1970s.

It was used to evince the Pulse nightclub shooting.  It was used in the Parkland shooting.  It was used on Sirhan Sirhan for the RFK assassination.  It has been used numerous times to force drivers to plough into crowds.  Whenever someone complains of "hearing voices," or thinks "someone on the TV/radio is talking" to them, Silent Weaponry is in use.

Every time, all the time -- period.  There is no such thing as Paranoid Schizophrenia.

LRAD silent weaponry is highly illegal (on paper) as it constitutes Torture, and operators can be afforded no protection under US or International Law; International Law does not apply to them, by their own decree.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Dancing ISraelis

Fair and Balanced

Cops arrested 11, or five, Mossad "victims" dancing outside the Twin Towers on 9/11 -- although some stories claim as many as 200 were later rounded-up and questioned.  The "official" story sets the count at 6,000,000 and you are not allowed to question that under threat of LAW.

The Mossad agents were posing as Art students, and there is a disturbing lack of "official narrative" as to why they were there to begin with, or why they were dancing.  This is likely the most suppressed news item surrounding the continuing mystery of 9/11, leading many to surmise that the War Crime, ISrael, was -- if not directly responsible for -- at least informed of the attack beforehand.

In fact, the circumstantial evidence regarding ISrael's direct involvement in 9/11 is vast and devastating, if not accurate.  Note that link leads to an in-depth "conspiracy theory" that can only truly be dismissed by releasing the evidence collected, and intentionally withheld from the public, on 9/11.  (Which is not going to happen any time soon.)

Of course, only "Anti-Semites" would dare question the "official story," anyway.  Luckily, we're all ghettoized to "Fake News" sites, so no one else will ever know...

But, before we leave, we'd like to point-out that 9/11 Survivors' funds are being cut-off as that money is being re-routed to ISrael.

We're sure it's another one of those coincidences we hear so much about.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Joe Rogan, Dave Foley, and Paul Greenberg Discuss the Unexplained

Joe Rogan's Lunch with Erich von Daniken

While you may not be a fan of Joe Rogan, or The Joe Rogan Experience, this brief clip from his podcast featuring Dave Foley and Paul Greenberg delves into many of the topics we explore here to The OddBlog.  Rogan's interest in these subjects is well-known -- he even hosted a SyFy show entitled Joe Rogan Questions Everything in which he explored them.

Rogan's healthy interest is tempered by an equally healthy skepticism, particularly toward the more outlandish.  The clip's title is perhaps misleading, as von Daniken is hardly mentioned during a wide-ranging discussion covering Bigfoot, UFOlogy, lost civilizations, and more.

The Joe Rogan Experience broadcasts live on YouTube irregularly, and features a range of guests covering a wide variety of subjects, including the Unexplained.  He and Dave Foley co-starred in the 1990's TV show, NewsRadio.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Project: Orion

Project: Orion
Project: Orion
We have discussed the wide-ranging, far-reaching Orion Project here before.  This is one big, bad mama-jama of a proven (and ongoing) Conspiracy involving nuclear-powered rocket propulsion technology and space travel.

We are anything but a "Fake News" site; we have never once knowingly published false information, and are always justified by later "findings."  That we publish information these pernicious Actors do not want you to see delights us to no end, but we do not publish information we believe to be false.  We don't make any money here, so we don't do clickbait, either (probably should, though).

That we are in possession of such materials, allegedly "Classified" and otherwise, is their fucking problem.  #NeverForget, they aren't called "Conspiracy Hypotheses," and absolutely nothing we publish can possibly compromise "National Security."  Besides, we back-up what we cover with copious links to credible external sources.  Most of this information is freely and readily available, if you know where to look, and ad hominem attacks are their last resort before stooping to outright Censorship.  We're just offering our "analysis" of news items, and newsworthy people and events.  Haha.

Project: Orion itself is rife with disinformation campaigns, spread mostly by independent "Defense Contractors," NGOs, and governmental agencies (including "private" companies and entities under government contract) -- specifically in the UK, US, and the War Crime, ISrael -- involved in rocket propulsion and space-based technology, and university students in those, and related, fields.  It is also directly related to several other Conspiracies involving the US government and MISC (Military Industrial Security Complex), such as Project / Operation: Sunshine, Project: Chatter, Operation: Boot, Operation: Black and Blue, and Operation: Credible Threat.

These Conspiracies are proven; they are not theoretical.  Entire books have been written, documenting them in great detail.  This is not CNN or The Rachel Maddow Show.

When you suppress information, and are continually caught outright in boldfaced lies, you prove yourself untrustworthy, leaving people no choice but to try connecting the dots themselves, or "theorizing."  It is natural, and very healthy.  In fact, it's unavoidable (for humans), as the (human) brain tries to make sense of things because that's its job.

The only way to stop the "spread" of so-called "Conspiracy Theories" is for these bad actors to confess.  Unfortunately, these little firebugs are Untouchable and Unbreakable, and -- flatly (haha) -- belligerent to the point of hostility.  Given the importance of disinformation to espionage, it shows how bad these actors are at their jobs -- and just how quickly they turn to violence, intimidation and terrorism, and kidnapping.  And Arson.

Anyone who goes to such extreme lengths to silence critics and those who question them is absolutely Guilty.  As they turn up the heat (haha) on us and our service providers, we will match or exceed the pressure on them in kind.  We ain't Russia.  I hope everyone has their insurance paid-up, because these Girl Scouts are all too likely to shit the bed again.

Because they have already been found Guilty of a litany of crimes, and this is what they are covering-up.  They are the only ones spreading misinformation, engaging in Anti-Semitism and other acts of racism, and attempting to discredit and silence all who would hold them responsible for their escalating Terrorism and past crimes.  Including the Murders.

Disregard the fact that They have given literally everyone in the world Motive; focus on the fact that only They have the Means and Opportunity.  They have seen to it that literally no one else could do these things, legally or otherwise.  There are no other suspects.

We hope to scratch the surface of Project: Orion, Operation: Paperclip, and more in future posts, but I'm pretty sure an FBI agent posing as a delivery man dropped-off my package yesterday, so...

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