Tuesday, February 12, 2019

1995 Ecuador UFO / OVNI VIDEO

This video of a UFO / OVNI comes from Ecuador.  The behavior appears to mimic that of modern day drones, though the size of the craft is unknown and cannot be ascertained from the footage.  However, new information points to the possible existence of some kind of experimental base in Manabi.

Could this 1995 UFO video from Ecuador confirm the existence of a secret base in Manabi, possibly containing advanced military weaponry -- or even extra-terrestrial craft?

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Thomas Edison's Spirit Phone

Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison
In 1920, Thomas Edison announced that he was working on a communication device which would allow users to speak to the dead.  Edison's Telephone to the Dead was reported in American Magazine, and was apparently taken seriously by both the public and the magazine (though some later suggested Edison was pranking the press, and the entire thing was a hoax).

A few decades earlier, the American public was swept into a Spiritualism Movement, lasting from around the 1840s to some time after the turn of the century.  By 1920, Edison was one of the most famous men alive, and the news sparked a media sensation.  While no prototype was ever manufactured, and no blueprints ever found, even Alexander Graham Bell's assistant, Thomas Watson, attempted his own version of a spirit phone.

Radio had become prevalent, and news traveled fast.  The telegraph and air flight had also only recently been discovered, so communicating with the dead was not beyond acceptable reason for the times.  The audience later divided into camps, with some suggesting that Edison's Spirit Phone was a deliberate prank on the press, and others suggesting that Edison probably did pursue the project, despite no real evidence of having finished it.

To-date, no device has been proven to communicate with the dead, but several attempts at "Spirit Phones" have been made.  Thomas Edison died in 1931.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Prophetic Dream and The Divine Comedy

The Knight's Dream
The Knight's Dream
Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy would have remained unfinished, but for his son's prophetic dream.

Following his death in 1321, parts of Dante's masterpiece were missing, sending his sons into a frantic, months-long search.

The brothers rifled through all of the papers Dante left behind, and thoroughly investigated his estate, but they turned up nothing.

Then, Jacopo Alighieri dreamt his father came to him, surrounded by a white light and dressed in white from head to toe, and silently lead him to a secret place in his chamber.  The following day, Jacopo lead his brother Pietro and a lawyer to the hiding place his father had shown him in the dream: A small window in his chamber, covered by a blind.

Lifting the blind, they found moldy papers covered in dust, bearing the title, The Divine Comedy.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The US Government was Found Guilty of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Assassination

The Deep State was Found Guilty of Martin Luther King's Assassination in 1999
The Deep State Murdered MLK, Jr.
On December 8, 1999, a Memphis, TN jury took 30 minutes to return a Guilty verdict regarding the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Not only did the four week trial prove that the US government assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4, 1968, it proved that James Earl Ray was not the shooter.

While full transcripts of this under-reported civil case are available online, the FBI, local police, CIA, and general US military -- aka, "The Deep State" -- were all found to have had a hand in the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis, TN.  James Earl Ray, on the other hand, was all but posthumously acquitted by the findings (he conveniently died in prison the year before).

Yet, to this day, mainstream propaganda outlets claim Ray, an escaped convict from Missouri, was a lone wolf with ties to White Supremacists who flew under the radar.


Less well-noted is the fact that he visited Los Angeles months before he was routed to Memphis.  While in L.A., James Earl Ray saw a $20 hypnotist named Reverend Xavier Von Koss... once.  He was also seeing a clinical psychologist named Dr. Mark Freeman, who also specialized in Hypnotism.  Actually, Ray (then using the name, Eric Galt) saw a slew of psychiatrists and hypnotists from the Los Angeles area in the months prior to Dr. King's assassination.

Again: Three months to the day before Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot, the alleged lone wolf shooter, James Earl Ray (as Eric Galt), was briefly under the care of a hypnotist in Los Angeles, CA, named Rev. X, and was reportedly involved with the Church of Scientology.

(Deniers from The Church of Scientology dispute this, of course.)

This is typical of of cases involving the CIA and "Manchurian Candidates:" The "unofficial" report is muddied with allegations of sexual deviance, involvement in counter-culture organizations, Anti-American movements, cults and the Occult, and so forth.  These allegations are used to discredit the lone wolf actor, and the trail of breadcrumbs is meant to confound investigators.

This is the CIA's Modus Operandi: Baffle them with Bullshit.

It should be noted that the bullet recovered from the scene of the crime did not match the gun Ray provided following his arrest in London, and the FBI had directly attempted to blackmail King into committing suicide!  But this was all covered-up by Prosecutors who persuaded Ray to plead Guilty so he could avoid a jury trial which carried the possibility of the Death Penalty.  Ray quickly recanted, however.

In all, the 1999 trial provided a wealth of evidence that conclusively proves the US government assassinated Martin Luther King, Jr., and exonerates James Earl Ray, yet no Criminal proceedings have taken place in the 20 years since the trial was held.

Fifty-one years after Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination, his surviving relatives, along with the surviving relatives of both President John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy -- both of whom were also assassinated by US government agencies known colloquially as "The Deep State" -- called for new probes into the deaths of MLK, JFK, and RFK.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Stranger's Dream Solves the Disappearance of Shaun Cott

Dream Land
Dream Land
During the Gold Rush of the 19th-Century, a Shaun Cott disappeared from his home in New South Wales.  Many assumed he had simply caught "Gold Fever," until a newcomer approached police about a nightmare he had.

The man lead police to Cott's employer's farm, where they dug up the body of none other than Shaun Cott!  His skull had been bashed in.  Cott's employer was hanged for the crime.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

VIDEO July 21, 1995 - Gulf Breeze, FL UFO / OVNI

This famous mid-day UFO / OVNI video was filmed on July 21, 1995 in Gulf Breeze, FL.  It has been deemed "authentic" by experts.  Gulf Breeze is less than an hour away from USAF 1 and at least two US Air Force bases.  Could this UFO be a military aircraft?

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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Friday, November 9, 2018

OCT Survivors at Borderline Bar & Grill Shooting


That's super-weird, yet not a single, Western MSM "news" operation has reported it.  They're too busy building Pretext (and scaffolding) to report actual news.

We are not suggesting that this was staged; we're pretty sure they just shot-up the place to shut up witnesses... although the immediate appeal for "gun control" is obvious, if not an outright insult to our intelligence, and publicly organizing a reunion on social media seems stupid.  But... they are Country music fans (allegedly), so...

Oh, and also college students.

Remember, a "False Flag" operation does not mean a staged event; it means an attack on your own people for the purposes of pinning the blame on an enemy, forwarding a specific agenda, attaining some preset goal, et. al.

You may recall that a bunch of weapons were "stolen" from ISrael a year or so back -- just before the mass shooting in Las Vegas (known as Operation Credible Threat, or OCT Surprise) in which a possible FBI stooge, Stephen Paddock, allegedly opened fire through bulletproof windows, then committed suicide before "authorities" found child porn on a laptop he did not have.  Oh, and too?  All those cameras he allegedly setup throughout the hallways did not work.

Then, a man who lived in a van outside a Kosher deli made fake bombs and sent them to Democrats, including big-time billionaire donors no one but him and political insiders even knew existed.  He worked for a lesbian-owned pizza parlor and ran an all-male escort service, but hated teh gheys, and delivered pies in a van covered with hostile, politically-inspired graffiti.

Because of course he did.

We tracked it all back to ISrael -- North ISrael.  To be very specific.

Then here comes Ahab, talking about bigger fish... but no one's come to talk to us (directly).  And we don't read Chinese.

It's also evidentiary that our blog(s) may be unmeritoriously shutdown just for questioning this byzantine, systemic fraud being perpetrated on the American public.  This is unhealthy, and the media and the political sphere are 100% responsible for all of it.  They are deliberately setting-off a Civil War to keep us preoccupied, and to rob us of our Rights.

And while those Flat-Earth "Preppers" do come across some important information occasionally, this is already a Police State under Martial Law: Unwarranted surveillance, militarized police forces, privately-owned prisons, and outright paid-for politicians is a Police State by any other name. 1

They're kicking hornets' nests across the East, and alienating all their "Allies" in the West, so they're turning on the very citizenry to which they claim to belong (when it suits their purposes).  To be fair, they have always perpetrated War on "We, The People," but this continued escalation is troubling -- if for no other reason than that it is being so openly, brazenly, practiced.

They are a classifiable Foreign Agency, and that may become very important in the future.

It is only a matter of time before the media conglomerates behind this conspiracy are sued for a multitude of crimes for which they have yet to be charged.  Tortious commentary amounting to Terroristic Threats; Libelous Claims; Defamation of Character...  To say nothing of the police forces, which are so far out of bounds, they've started a major War.

But that's what they do -- and that's all they do: Start Wars.  They can't finish them, and they've never won -- in all of history.  It's only a matter of Pretext for instituting, and justifying, Occupation.  They can't even handle a group of unarmed and impoverished migrants who might "open fire" with rocks, ffs.

The "private [Military] companies" that Occupy Afghanistan and similar Middle Eastern areas have perfected their craft in secrecy, thanks to the Media's complicity (amounting to Conspiracy), and are now turning America into ISrael -- replete with barrier walls to keep out the brown people, illegal detention centers, extraordinary rendition for "whistleblowers," et. al.

If we're still around, we have a lot to say... but no one with the power to actually change the things that matter seems to be listening.  Speaking of which, why is Hollywood constantly asking us for money? Why are they constantly demanding things from us which only people in their position have the affluence to affect?

And why do they openly consort with known War Criminals?

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1 Here I am complaining about Divisive Tactics, yet falling for the trap.  Not all "Preppers" are Flat-Earthers, but they are prone to hysteria (Escalation).  Even if it is only for the purposes of clickbait, it's not helpful.

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