Wednesday, September 3, 2014

UFO Photographed Over Houston

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Site Update

I know I haven't posted much lately but I have been very busy updating the website. If you haven't checked it out in a while, give it a go and let me know what you think of the new design and direction. We're going to be posting more content as well. Just hit the banner to the right there.

Happy Labor Day!

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Gretsch Models

I do not know an awful lot about guitars but I know a bit about guitarists - probably more than I want to - and if I know one thing, it is that they always want more guitars! While they have numerous pedals with countless effects and amplifiers for every occasion, each guitar has its own sound and feel. Sometimes the look is more important than the playability and sometimes, it just matters that they have the choice.

Either way, be sure to check out gurtarcenter before you make that next purchase. It just may save you money! (That you will spend on more guitars.)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Death Valley's Moving Rocks Slide on Ice

Two scientists researching the mystery of Death Valley's moving rocks say they have discovered the secret: Light winds blow the rocks on sheets of ice left by rare rainfalls.

For years, scientists and armchair investigators have wondered how rocks in Death Valley (located in the US states of Nevada and California) moved across the desert, seemingly of their own accord, leaving zig-zagging trails in the sands.

After receiving permission from park officials, two scientists setup cameras to film the rocks. After nights of sub-freezing temperatures, they determined that rare rainfalls left ice sheets on the desert floor and light winds blew the rocks - some weighing hundreds of pounds - across the muddy desert floor. Because rains are rare in the region, the phenomenon is as well.

The question remains as to why this phenomenon seems localized to Death Valley National Park.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Pic of Beast of Bodwin

A 19-year-old caught pictures of what he believes to be the "Beast of Bodwin," a creature that has been reported for years and is thought to be a Big Cat. Henry Warren lives a few miles from Bodwin Moor, where the Beast is said to lurk, and snapped these photos when a Big Cat startled him.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014


If you have ever played the drums, you know that every little thing makes a big difference in sound. Stretching or loosening the skin even just a little on any side changes the tone of the drum. Cymbals cannot be tuned, though; if you want a different sound from a cymbal, you need to buy a different one. And one of the best is zildjian.

Zildjian has been around for almost as long as they have been manufacturing trapkits and are well known throughout the industry as being among the best.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Gigantic Supershark Ate a Great White Whole

This is why I don't swim in the ocean: Scientists theorize that a nearly 10'-long Great White shark which was tagged years ago may have been eaten whole by another shark suffering from Gigantism. Literally, a Jaws in the ocean!

According to researchers, the shark appeared to have swum to extreme depths for a time before its body temperature became consistent with that of being inside another creature's belly. Keep in mind that the shark "victim" here was a very large shark herself, meaning whatever ate her has to well exceed 10' in length - in fact, it has to have a stomach large enough to accommodate a 10' shark!

The scariest part? The creature later swam to the ocean's surface. So... have fun, surfers!

Here is an article on the issue, along with a brief video.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Skeleton of 'Black Shuck' Uncovered

Archaeologists claim to have found the skeletal remains of a large dog that may have belonged to a legendarily fearsome creature known as "Black Shuck" in the ruins of Leiston Abbey in Suffolk, England.

'Black Shuck' was the name given a gigantic, 7'-tall canine that is said to have roamed the Suffolk countryside in the 15th Century. While there are numerous legends of such "hellhounds" or "devil dogs" throughout the British Isles, Black Shuck is probably the most famous. The beast was said to have had a black coat and glowing, red eyes. The word Shuck actually comes from the word scucca, which means demon.

In its most famed encounter, recorded by the reverend Abraham Fleming in 1577, it killed a man and a boy in a church, legendarily leaving scorch marks on the doors when it fled. To this day, people claim to see the beast roaming the area. The legend is so pervasive that the name of the Bungay soccer team is the Black Dogs.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Allred & Assoc.

It is simply a truism that we live in a world where one must pay for protection against all things at all times. A downturn in one's health, losing one's transportation, or the threat of losing one's home can literally mean the difference between barely making it and not making it all! Luckily for North Carolina residents, there is don allred insurance. They provide coverage for all sorts of insurance, including health, life, auto, and more. Be sure to check them out before you commit to a plan!

Returning Soon

Sorry for the scant posting lately but, as I said a few years back, I had to devote a lot of time toward other pursuits in order to afford to live. Now that I can no longer afford to live and refuse to work both day and night just to barely survive, I should have a little more time to post.

I actually planned to post more often the last few months but my desk fell apart a few months back and I had to find a way to afford a new (very inexpensive) one. Honestly, as much as I enjoy blogging, it simply doesn't pay for itself anymore, which makes it harder to devote resources toward.

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