Sunday, April 19, 2015

Clowns Brawl with Animal Rights Activists

According to a report out of San Bernadino, a posse (I guess that's what they're called) of professional circus clowns got into a huge fight with animal rights activists protesting the circus' treatment of animals. According to the article, the activists tried to force their way inside the tent during a performance, sparking the brawl. Activists insist they were protesting peacefully and were attacked unjustly. Two of the protestors were arrested and the circus claims two of their performers were injured.

I don't care how many protestors you got, if little cars start popping up behind you, you're gonna be outnumbered!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Template

We haven't heard any feedback regarding the new design. We know it has some problem areas and we are working to resolve those issues but this is the basic look and feel for the new OddBlog.

We also realize that things have slowed to a crawl here, almost a full-stop, but we're busy with other projects at the moment that will supplement our little paranormal pixel park. The Weirding is a large site filled with lots of media and we're in the process of wrangling content while simultaneously producing new stuff, so time is a limited factor. Still, we hope to bring you more stuff soon.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Guitar Stands

If you have been a guitarist for any amount of time or run a studio, you could probably use a few black 6 packs. No,this is not about alcohol (although we are not passing judgment) but guitar stands. Six guitar stands may sound like a lot to outsiders but once you consider that most guitarists have two or more electric and acoustic guitars for various sounds and purposes, you realize that this may be a single-time investment for many. For serious collectors, this will just be a starter pack.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Numerous Craters Found in Siberia

Apparently, Siberia was not content with the one mysterious crater; now, at least one scientist reports numerous craters in the area, some of which have since become lakes. Researchers are afraid to enter the area, as it is believed the holes are being created by methane gas blasts that could occur at any time, anywhere.

At least one formation was said to be a large crater encircled by as many as a dozen smaller craters.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

NASA Claims Apollo 16 UFO was Boom

A long-discussed event regarding NASA and UFO contact may have been solved, as NASA claims the "UFO" spotted by Apollo 16 was nothing more than the boom camera passing through another camera's shot. This is according to a document on NASA's own website.

This is not so much a place for conspiracy theories as for "real" pursuit of information regarding disturbing and often inexplicable events but NASA has been scrutinized for its truthfulness in the past - even recently. This is why I'm not so sure I believe this, or any, "official" story. It is still good information which may well explain other sightings and even this one.

Many eyewitnesses are too frightened to have their stories dismissed without question and astronauts are highly-trained. It seems like they would have been aware of the camera's placement. These are just speculative statements meant to remind you that even if this "sighting" has been explained, others have not.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Technological Possibilities of Ghosts

Have you ever wondered if ghosts are just imagery in the same sense that you see film cells when the projector starts skipping or is slowed down, or the way the monitor flickers when it's going out?

This is not an original thought; I'd actually been thinking about something similar (because I was having monitor issues) when I saw a meme in a ghost-hunting group positing much the same question and I returned to the idea of veridical imagery - the concept that some things are simply somehow "recorded" in time and set to playback on certain anniversaries, when somehow triggered by events in this reality, or simply at random.

It may suggest multiple realities or dimensions but, if true, we could be reflections in some version of veridical imagery ourselves, even as we're alive! Perhaps something that happened in our lives was emotional or spiritual enough in nature to have made it off the cutting-room floor and is playing in perpetuity even as we discuss it?

This could explain all manner of things, from Green Children to The Lost City of Alaska, and could be electromagnetic in nature but it certainly doesn't have to be - there have been, and will continue to be, things that simply escape our knowledge and ability to comprehend. This could be one of those things but, with the advancement of technology clipping along at such a pace, knowing more about these things might be just around the corner.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Boston Time Capsule

Buried by no less than Paul Revere and Samuel Adams (before he made beer), the Boston time Capsule that was recently opened bore coins and papers from 1652. Here's a link. The time capsule had previously been opened in the 19th-Century and will be reburied after the contents are displayed publicly for a predetermined period.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Monsters in America

This infographic from The Daily Mail shows all of the reported, weird, and unaccounted for beasts across America. These creatures have been reported often enough in these areas that their existence has grown legendary status in their areas.

I have written about the "Wampus Cat" (32) before from a first-hand account given me by a driver who took me on a very long trip. I will try to dig that up and link it in here. I did not know that was its name nor did she that I recall.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Design Difficulties

We realize things look a little awkward right now the problem is that we don't know why they look awkward; we did a design trick we've used on the other blogs without issue but it isn't working so well here for whatever reason. Instead of doing the normal thing - tearing-out everything and starting over - we left what we have in-place and are still trying to isolate the situation. Some of these posts will have the new background while others will not as we implement new design features and test them out as we go to save time.

We know we said we were doing this several months ago but we also told you it was a tedious process that would take some time. We had to get our ducks in a row just to get this far without a major blowout so we hope you'll stick with us while we finalize some of these things.

We hope you like what we have so far, it's loosely based on the previous design, and hope you come back to see where this goes.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

The Bell Witch and "Stonewall" Jackson

One of the things that confounds the average researcher of The Bell Witch of Tennessee is all the lore surrounding it, some of which is completely made-up. A good example is the story regarding The Bell Witch and President Andrew "Stonewall" Jackson.

As the story goes, Andrew Jackson visited the Bell family during the time of the Daemonic infestation to bear witness. Upon his arrival by carriage, the horses stopped without warning and refused to go any further despite all attempts to persuade them. This happened three times before Old Kate was said to have been heard, saying, "Alright, you may pass." In some versions of the story, The Bell Witch compliments Jackson on his persistence or any number of distinguishing traits; in others, she says he is destined for great things; and so on.

The truth is a bit more historical: Andrew Jackson got his nickname for a Civil War battle in which he lead forces defending a literal stone wall against which his enemies sent no fewer than three battalions (I do not know military numbers, so that may be incorrect) to topple, all of which failed. Jackson was even said to have pitied the men and admired their persistence.

Andrew Jackson went on to become the seventh President of the United States.

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