Monday, October 27, 2014

Jersey Devil or UFO?

This picture is of a hanging cow carcass. It was taken in Winslow, NJ in the 1960s. Residents there believed the Jersey Devil dragged it up there. However, around this same time in several other states - including Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, and others - there was a rash of cattle mutilations. Many ranchers said they saw "black helicopters" and UFOs around those areas during the times at which these mutilations occurred.

Many researchers chalk-up the Jersey Devil to legend but there is a lot of evidence regarding spacecraft - many privately-owned, possibly piloted by races unknown

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What was the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle Doing for the Last Two Years?

The X-37B Orbital Test vehicle is, basically, a space plane similar to the Space Shuttle. It has gone into orbit three times so far and just landed autonomously on October 17th. It stayed in orbit for nearly two years straight... but why?

The Air Force's cover story regarding the X-37B's third flight is that it was sent to pick up space debris for a tangled kind of reason. However, the bay area of the plane is only seven feet, making it a very poor vehicle for the proposed mission.

Whatever it's been doing in orbit for the last two years, the US military is keeping mum.

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If there is one thing guitarists love, it is usually booze. But if they were forced to choose, their foot pedals are usually in the top five (at least). I once played with a guy who had no fewer than five pedals operating all at once. Most of them were preset for a specific solo, intro, or whatever. I do not call the specifics but at least one pedal was hooked to another. There was no such thing as the polytune 2 in those days but he did pretty well with what he had.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Design Incoming

I know it's been slow here for a while but things should pick-up here in coming months. As I've mentioned previously, if you haven't visited the core site in a while, please take a moment to do so, as we're restructuring, reorganizing, and redesigning everything - which includes The OddBlog.

It is going to take a while to get to everything and if World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that many people do not care for change. We understand that you have become familiar with everything and we hate to disrupt that, but it's long past time that we improve the look and feel of this place, as well as the navigation.

In the years since this blog was established, things have changed dramatically - this includes Blogger, social networking, information sharing, even HTML - and we need to upgrade. We have a few designs from which to choose and will be playing with these elements over the coming weeks; we are not certain as to which of these will best serve our purposes and may have to modify them even after placement.

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Coverage in Greensboro

Most of our hits come from North America and even though they are fairly well distributed in general, the majority of those come from the US. Here in America, insurance is extremely important, especially due to rising costs in medical treatment, auto body work, pharmaceutical costs, and more (even though rising insurance prices are directly responsible for the rise in cost). If you are in the Greensboro, North Carolina area and are looking for health insurance rates, be sure to do a little research into coverage plans, what they provide, and what the average cost is. In many areas, auto insurance coverage is mandatory.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ocean Discovered Beneath the Sea

In light of both corporate CEOs claiming that water is not a basic human right as well as human rights activists saying water is a limited resource not to be wasted (to which there is some truth), comes the discovery of a massive ocean close to the Earth's core. According to reports that may or may not be true, the water reserve contains three times that of all the oceans of the Earth combined.

Unfortunately, it is housed inside of gems similar to diamonds, that occur naturally near the Earth's mantle. "This is not a liquid ocean one could sail a boat on," one geologist who studied the rock, which was said to be found near Brazil, said. Many scientists think water on the Earth may have been brought by comet but others say it may have seeped from the Earth's core and the truth is that both theories may be correct. However, this discovery may help scientists determine this and more.

Much of the Earth's surface as well as the human body is made-up of water. If scientists can develop a way of extracting that water from the mineral, the water crisis may not be as bad as we are told, which might mean corporations could charge consumers less.

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Off-Road Lights

If you live in the country or just enjoy taking an off-road drive on occasion, LED lights may be just what you need - might even save your life one day if you have a penchant for getting a little wild out there! I remember I was on a four-wheeler with some friends when we were kids and we were barreling through what we thought was an open field until we hit a deep ditch! We managed to pull ourselves out of that little jam but it sure didn't feel good!

Even if you maintain a safe speed and know the area and terrain well, you do not want to endanger others if you can help it, and these lights may just help you avoid doing so.

Working on Integration

The OddBlog is not exactly a stand-alone blog but part of a small network of blogs offered by The Weirding. While it is accessible without having to visit the site directly, it is available through the site and we want more people to visit the site so that we make more money (and can continue to bring you stuff here, and elsewhere, more often).

So while I have been under the weather the past week or so, I have still been working on better integrating the blogs and the site. There are things with which I am still having problems but they are mostly design-oriented. I worked pretty hard at tightening-up the blogs over the last week or two and now it's largely just a waiting game on that front simply because it takes a bit for the search engines to update their information. The week prior, I worked on getting the movies scheduled and the promos for those finished.

So I haven't done much this week but I'll get some things done today. Just please be patient, as we haven't forgotten you nor are we abandoning the blog, just really quite busy as I said we would be.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


The older I get, the more I am starting to use facial cream to avoid the wrinkles I am acquiring, although I still do not use it regularly nor do I know much about it. The stuff I have is pretty cheap. Nivea is the world's largest skin care company with roots in Europe - particularly in Germany. While their American line of products is good, german nivea is the best and now it is available online. Check out their website for products and more information.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

UFO Photographed Over Houston

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