Friday, March 14, 2008

New Method Saves More Heart Attack Victims

Arizona researchers suggest paramedics give patients who suffer cardiac arrest uninterrupted chest compression.

In studies, the researchers found that the survival rate of patients who were administered Minimally Interrupted Cardiac Resuscitation (MIRC) - a technique which involves the early administration of adrenaline, followed by 200 uninterrupted compressions, and waiting longer to ventilate the lungs - trebled! Before the method was introduced to the study group, less than 2% of heart-attack victims survived the trip to the hospital. This number improved to almost 6% with the MIRC technique.

However, experts caution that the study results must be carefully interpreted, especially since the success rate did not improve significantly.

Let me add that part of the reasoning behind this caveat is that the bloodflow rejuvenated by chest compression (basic CPR) is so minimal that it is considered a "basic" technique. I believe this sends a clear message that a portable medical device which can deliver precise compressions on a regular and uninterrupted basis is necessary for significant improvement in the current survival rates.

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