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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Apologies to Subscribers

I apologize for wrecking the RSS feed by continually updating the last post.  I'm still suffering numerous computer/Internet issues and need to save frequently so I don't lose my work.  Unfortunately, the only way to do that is to republish the post after changing it. Blogger does auto-save but it isn't very trustworthy, and there is no option to manually save a post once it has been published without reverting it to a draft (which deletes it from the blog until it's republished).

I intend to post follow-ups to my little screed along the way but I want to note that this is not a political blog, per se, and I don't write "manifestos."  The OddBlog is about the paranormal and supernatural and will continue to be so, but I do not have a dedicated political blog and felt it fit here as well as anywhere. 

There is definitely some shady shit going on around this whole COVID-19 situation, though I'm not prepared to say exactly what because I don't know and things are still unfolding.  COVID-19 is very real, don't get me wrong, but I've heard some disturbing, yet all too believable, things from some very reputable sources.

I like that Conspiracy Theories are relegated to our field; it all falls under "The Unknown," "The Unexplained," and the much better-sounding (and actually more fitting) term, "Speculative Non-Fiction."  Yes, many die-hard skeptics still cling to the label, "Speculative Fiction," which is fine -- even if it is meant to be a slight -- although I associate that with Historical Fiction and similar fare.

A lot of what we cover is more political than most people realize, and not because we choose that.  Men in Black (MIB), mind control devices and techniques, defense contractors, secret military projects, UFOs, whether or not aliens exist, government corruption and cover-ups -- they're all wrapped-up together and I try to cover them all.

Speaking of military overreach and politics, I want to remind readers that I don't necessarily agree with everything my sources do or say: Like other media outlets (I realize that's stretching the term), their views do not necessarily reflect mine.  I choose sources based on the information they provide that is germane to the topic being discussed, which includes providing context.

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