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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

PHOTO: Hollow Earth - The North Pole

Hollow Earth - North Pole?
Hollow Earth - North Pole?
An alleged Russian satellite photograph shows the alleged entrance to the North Pole.  Admiral Richard E. Byrd and a convoy allegedly disappeared in the 1950s on an expedition, following his release of information regarding the discovery of an "Inner Earth."  He was not the first to have speculated on a Hollow Earth Theory.

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UPDATE:  This is most likely a hoax, though I can confirm nothing, and share this only for discussion.  Admiral Byrd was not associated with the Hollow Earth Theory, and did not die during an expedition -- this may not even be a photo of Earth!  Please see the recent post on Symme's Hole for more information on The Hollow Earth Theory. - 2018

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  1. Of course the earth is hollow, and Byrd did discover an inner earth on his expedition to Antarctica