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Friday, June 27, 2008

More UK UFOs

Following the international headlining of a chase over Cardiff involving a UFO and a police helicopter, not to mention the MoD's release of their "X-Files," new video of multiple UFOs over the UK has surfaced.

This BBC video reports on the strange sighting over the Merseyside area earlier this week, along with a link to the actual video one witness recorded on his cellphone.

While it is safe to assume the recent release of the UFO-related documents has sparked public interest, I do not believe in "mass hallucination" and do not believe any sort of sociological factors play into this.  The eyewitness claims not to believe in the phenomena and asks people not to think him "crazy" for making the report.

This, in fact, leads me to believe the recent rash of sightings has more to do with the fact that the release of these records has made reporting such incidents slightly more acceptable.  Not to mention that UFO sightings, in general, tend to occur in flurries; it is not unusual for sightings to be made for several days, weeks, even months, in and around the same (very) general area.

With more and more reports being made, one expert has called for an inquiry.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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