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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bloomfield, NJ Dishes It Out, but Won't Take It

22-year old Frank Gilberti was upset over having to pay what he considered an unfair traffic ticket. To show his displeasure, Gilberti tried to pay in pennies - 112 rolls of them ($56.00US). Not only would the court not accept his money, it issued a warrant for his arrest!

Gilberti said he called the courthouse and was told they would only accept the pennies if he wrote his driver's license number on each and every roll. He asked them, if he should pay his fine in $1 bills, would he have to write his driver's license number on each bill? The court's response was to issue an arrest warrant for him. He had to pay $90 to avoid jail.

Pennies are legal tender and any organization which accepts cash is legally bound to accept pennies! As Gilberti said, "This is U.S. currency accepted all over the country [but] apparently not in Bloomfield, N.J..."

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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