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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I just wanted to take a moment to apologize to everyone. I've been noticing hits were up here lately and any good blogger would have seized that opportunity to pump-out some great content - content which would grab you new readers by the hair and pull you, face first, into... that's - that's a bit graphic, isn't it? Violent, too. Anyway, that's what a great blogger would have done; so you new readers see what you're getting with me.

Seriously, I've been under the weather lately. It's been well into the 90s and above here the past week or so and I simply haven't felt like doing much. What makes it worse is that the nights have also been hot until well into the morning hours, meaning I've had to leave the AC on to fall asleep and have then been waking up with a morning cold (such as the one I'm fighting right now). It usually clears-up by midday or so - about the time it's oppressively hot outside...

Aside from that, I told you my cat was killed by a car last week and it hit me harder than I thought. Having the other cats helped, but they were visibly disturbed by it as well, and it's just been tough on me; I haven't done much of anything since then.

So, I was just letting you know that I am still under the weather, but got a clean bill of health from the doctor yesterday, so I'm going to drink more coffee this week and try to get it all together and keep it that way.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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