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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Parents Arrested Over Three-Year Old Pothead

A Maine couple has been arrested after police say they discovered a video of their three-year old son smoking pot. According to cops, the video shows the boy lighting a glass pipe with a lighter in front of his father, who lie beside him. The mother appears to be the one who videotaped the incident.

Family members deny the allegations, saying the child was mimicking his parents who carelessly left paraphernalia laying in his reach. They insist the boy smoked nothing, but police say the video shows him inhaling and coughing. The child is currently in the custody of an aunt.

I personally don't believe you can teach a three-year old to inhale. This sounds like a matter of the police making more of something than there is for their own ends; legal enforcement agencies have recently stepped-up their anti-marijuana rhetoric because of a nationwide move to decriminalize it. California is set to vote on legalizing marijuana in the state, 17 years after it was voted legal for medical use. Marijuana has been cleared for medical use in at least 13 states, and decriminalized in a handful of others. President Obama recently said federal raids would not take place on legally-operating medical marijuana outlets in these states.

Police are, of course, deadset against this, as it would cut into their number of arrests, and state and local officials get big sums of money for successfully fighting "the war on drugs."

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