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Monday, July 16, 2007


When it rains it pours:

I may be sick. I got a cough and have just been feeling run-down and like I just can’t do anything lately. I kept chalking it up to the pain from my neck and shoulders, etc., but that didn’t really account for the cough. So I had a friend come over to help me out, but she has an infant, so even though it was nice to have someone to help wash dishes, pick up around the house, and run to the store for me when I needed it, I ended up chasing after the baby and cleaning up more than I would have had they not been here, so I sent them home.

But not before the car broke down.

The battery cable snapped and I had to get a ride to the auto parts store and get a new one. Then my credit card was declined and it said I had a balance of like $5.00 on there... which makes absolutely no sense, seeing as how I had a balance of $75.00 Friday. I don’t suspect my friend at all; I suspect I either did my math wrong or the company didn’t credit the account in time or something. After all, she’s been here all the time because the car was down and my card has not left my wallet.

At any rate, I know I missed some deadlines for some of our sponsors and I apologize for that. But I think my past record speaks for itself; I have rarely missed deadlines without good reason, and this time, there were about ten good reasons.

I still feel like I just can’t get up and going, but - oh yeah! - we figured out that there is a gas leak in the house! That’s a good thing about having a girl around, even for just a few minutes: she actually lifted the stove to clean under it and discovered a pilot light was out. I have lit and relit that pilot light and everytime someone comes in, they claim it smells like gas, but I’ve gotten so used to it that I don’t notice. Still, that is likely why I am coughing and feeling so run down, so I have to put in a work order to have the maintenance folks come check it out.

Anyway, I have things to get to, including the library, so we’ll be back to normal here this week. Better, in fact, since I have a whole lot of business to take care of, meaning I will be making a lot of posts - most likely a lot of classic paranormal cases, just because I want some of those accounts on here.

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