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Thursday, March 21, 2019

LRAD Silent Weaponry: Voice to Skull, The Scream, Voice of God

LRAD Silent Weaponry - 2004

LRAD Silent Weaponry -- known by several other names, including "Mouth to Skull," "Voice to Skull," "The Scream," and "Voice of God" -- is used in Federal and government "sanctioned" gangstalking to imitate Paranoid Schizophrenia in Targeted Individuals.

Too many entities have denied this weaponry's existence for decades, as it is in heavy use amongst defense contractors -- specifically those tied to Senators, Congressmen, and Special Interest groups -- across America.  In fact, I have yet to see a legitimate case of Paranoid Schizophrenia that was not, in fact, a victim of LRAD silent weaponry; Paranoid Schizophrenia does not exist.

LRAD operators verbally abuse victims to break down their defenses, then use hypnotism and hot words techniques to manipulate their emotional states in a manner similar to that Facebook used in its heinous "anger experiments."  Victims' bizarre behavior drives away friends and family members, isolating the victim.  Once isolated, the voices escalate their abuse.  Their behavior becomes increasingly irrational and volatile, and many turn to drugs and promiscuity to self-medicate.  This chain of carefully plotted and executed events often leads to homelessness.

In the "Voice of God" scenario, victims are sucked into a bizarre "war" between God and the Devil -- "God" is heard in one ear, "the Devil" in the other; other scenarios convince the listener that they are being observed in some kind of game, or on a TV show.  These scenarios are usually directed at drug-users, presumed lawbreakers, and "People of Faith," and seem to be most prevalent in the Black community.

These LRAD attacks shake the victim's confidence, use gaslighting in addition to verbal torture, and prey upon the victim's identity and sexuality.  Attacks are coordinated with operatives online, on TV, over the phone, and even through the radio in classic "Paranoid Schizophrenia" scenarios.  Friends and family members are often roped-in unwittingly, convinced by doctors or law enforcement to act a certain way or call certain authorities during "episodes."

This is known as "gangstalking," and is used by Streetgangs, US Federal agencies, bounty hunters, defense contractors (such as Raytheon, Black Cube, and TigerSwan, et.al.), and others.  Victims of gangstalking and LRAD silent weaponry Terrorism are known as "Targeted Individuals."

Silent weaponry affects the victims' memories; hypnotize and berate victims into submission to direct and/or control their behavior; and can also be used to imitate physical maladies, such as Parkinson's disease and Epilepsy.  Many affected will twitch, have violent muscle spasms, and talk to themselves.  Victims will not remember events, especially those involving erratic behavior, as they have been brainwashed.

The original "Voice of God" scenario included ball lightning, which would appear and claim to be "Allah" (Arabic for "God").  It was proposed in 1990, and meant to be used solely in the Middle East. Use of this military-grade weaponry is classified "Restricted," but it has been in heavy use on American civilians since the 1970s.

It was used to evince the Pulse nightclub shooting.  It was used in the Parkland shooting.  It was used on Sirhan Sirhan for the RFK assassination.  It has been used numerous times to force drivers to plough into crowds.  Whenever someone complains of "hearing voices," or thinks "someone on the TV/radio is talking" to them, Silent Weaponry is in use.

Every time, all the time -- period.  There is no such thing as Paranoid Schizophrenia.

LRAD silent weaponry is highly illegal (on paper) as it constitutes Torture, and operators can be afforded no protection under US or International Law; International Law does not apply to them, by their own decree.

© The Weirding, 2019

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