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Sunday, January 16, 2011

25'+ Crocodile in Queensland Area

Pastor Elton Thompson is known for his love of crocodiles, which are plentiful in the Queensland, Australia region. In late November, 2010, Pastor Thompson photographed crocodile tracks alongside the Norman River in Normanton. The measurements lead experts to estimate the creature's size at over 8m length, and 11/2 to 2 meters wide! Though Pastor Thompson admits he has not seen the crocodile himself, several in the area claim to have and he believes the beast may even have been filmed and/or photographed by one or more of these witnesses.

A replica of a slightly larger crocodile reportedly shot in the 1950s dominates the town's main street. Pastor Thompson says the creature he is tracking is comparable in size. The Queensland area was inundated with torrential rains and flooding last week, meaning the giant reptile could be anywhere by now. However, Pastor Thompson noted residents were not concerned with the creature when they knew it to be in the river, as crocodiles are common to the region.

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