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Friday, June 20, 2008


(Whoops! I thought this had been published, but I had drafted it due to the scheduled maintenance which has yet to start!)

You may have noticed some changes in the Comments: I added a Trackback system (I explain this over to Weird Ink next week) and it came with an alternate Comments system. I am going to ditch the Comment system, but I wanted the Trackbacks, so we'll just go with it right now. In excising the latter, there may be some technical issues here and there, so I apologize.


When the host is changed in another week or two, I am deleting the old blog. For anyone who is new or does not know how this works, The OddBlog used to be published at WWW.THEWEIRDING.NET/ODDBLOG; obvously, the URL has changed. I left the old posts in that directory in order to give people time to change-over and update their bookmarks, etc.

You've had plenty of time; in July/August, you will no longer be able to access posts through that URL.  [Apparently you can, but we don't suggest going that re-route. - ed.]

In some cases, you will be automatically redirected to the individual post you are seeking, but in others, you will simply be redirected to the homepage here and will have to search for whatever you are looking for by tags or through the archives. Either way, UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS NOW.

Sponsors and advertisers: your placements will still be available, they will just be available at the new URL. I will not create redirects for every ad without another payment; that's simply not possible and is not fair to me. Rest assured, your ad still exists and anyone looking for it will be able to find it - further, in roughly three months' time, the search engines will have updated their links if they haven't already; the only reason the URLs haven't already been updated to their new place is because I left the old directory active to facilitate the change (so everyone could find the stuff still in the engines).

I will be posting throughout the weekend in order to get caught-up from the past two weeks. I am also working scheduled posts into the mix in order to ensure at least one new post a day, excepting weekends. Most weekends, I will continue to post, but generally, you should not expect posts over the weekends after this month.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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