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Friday, June 20, 2008

Iranian "Complainer" Arrested

An Iranian student who complained over her male lecturer's sexual harassment has been arrested for "complaining."

While specific charges were not made clear, the local prosecutor informed some media outlets publicizing certain crimes is worse than the crimes themselves. Following her complaint, fellow students staged a massive demonstration, where they staged a sit-in, then apprehended the accused and handed him over to authorities.

Students claim to have audio recordings of the harassment and demand the accused be held responsible. He was suspended and authorities agreed to investigate the incident, along with students. This calmed the matter down... to now.

On the girl's arrest, the prosecutor was quoted as saying, "people should be aware that if they go ahead and publicize crime there will be no more security in society."

Iran is a filthy, third-world shithole run by terrible religious zealots who do not believe in basic human rights - this is not my opinion and this is not news. Israel recently staged a military "practice-run" designed to rehearse a full-scale attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. Hopefully, this rehearsal will one day be put to good use.

Now, the larger truth is that Islamists are terrorists who routinely abuse human rights, but no one wants to say that - in fact, the UN isn't even allowed to anymore! And Iran is at the forefront of this religious culture and uses this religion to disguise its atrocities. But the real issue here is: if Iran and "the nation of Islam" refuse to recognize human rights and others' religious freedoms and freedom of speech, why the hell should we recognize their's!?

Iran's continued human rights abuses and disdain for the UN and the rest of the world's pleas to calm their extremist asses down proves they have no intentions of ever complying with civilization. It is a violent, barbaric, country which has absolutely nothing worthwhile to offer the rest of the world, humanity, or life in general. Not to mention those who control this terrorist state continue to voice threats toward America and the rest of the world.

If the UN continues to give Iran and Islamists a free-pass on all of their human rights abuses, then the US does not need to be part of the UN; America should not be part of a structure which advocates hatred, violence, and oppression! And the UN does exactly that.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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  1. It's nice to be reminded of the MISOs in the past, and the lead-up to the present staged events. Thanks, youse guise.