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Friday, September 19, 2008

Roaring Waves

The International Fund for Animal Welfare released a report stating the world's oceans are becoming too noisy for mammals and other marine life. According to the report, in some areas, the noise is literally doubling by the decade.

While the effect is not known, dolphins, whales, and some other marine life uses sounds to communicate and operate (also in ways not completely understood). The report notes that certain species' calls and noises are a fraction of their original range, and this is because of the noise generated by commercial and industrial ships, vessels, and operations.

While the study sounds plausible - really, it is a matter of common sense - and we are all for the conservation and safety of all animals, The OddBlog would like to warn that some animal rights groups are myopic to the point of zealotry. Oceans cover about 90% of the world's surface.

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