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Friday, September 19, 2008

Quick Bits of Oddity

As I say so often, just because there are no new posts does not mean I am not working. I work everyday -- every day -- whether or not I actually post anything. Usually, this consists of surfing around, reading and researching different subjects and articles.

I realize there haven't been as many in-depth articles lately, and that is because I have simply lacked the time. Much of what I have been bringing you are mere rewrites and coverage of articles that interest me, or that I hope will interest you. Writing a full article is exactly what it is: it is no different from writing a piece for submission, writing an essay for school, writing a report for work, etc. It takes several days, even weeks, and lots of research, editing, rewrites, and so forth. With everything else on my plate right now, I haven't had the time for that. 

Rest assured, more are on the way and several are already up (check the archives) -- but, for now, there are none immediately planned.

Anyway, I was going through the bookmarks and noticed a ton of stories I never got around to. Many of them are several days, or even weeks, old -- so you may already have heard about them. It occurred to me that, with everything else going on, it might be best to link to them and let you check them out on your own. An OddBlog Rundown, if you will. 

And so, without further ado:
Obviously, I usually go into more detail on my own, tying them to other discussions and subjects we cover, but I am so far behind by this point, I figured I would just share these with you and let you do as you will. Enjoy!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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