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Sunday, February 7, 2010

British Reporter Infiltrates Homosexual 'Curing' Camp

A happy, openly-gay, British reporter infiltrated the growing world of homosexual "conversion" - the practice by which Christians attempt to "convert" homosexuals into heterosexuals. The practice is apparently infecting "legitimate" psychologists in England, who consider SSA - "Same Sex Attraction" - to be an illness, despite the fact that it was de-listed as a mental illness over 35 years ago. This cult of psych-workers is being directed by American-born Christians who are known leaders in the conversion "movement." Despite all of this, the NHS (National Health Service) is actually referring patients to, and paying for, these treatments.

During his research, the reporter learns that the doctors pray before and following each treatment session, which costs about $75.00. The belief is that the desire to be homosexual originates during childhood and is spurred by overbearing mothers, distant fathers, and loneliness. So is a traumatic birth and Freemasonry.

Perhaps most telling, whenever the doctors involved do not get the answers from the patient for which they are looking, communication is broken so the doctor can pray for the patient, asking God to enter his life and illuminate the sexual abuse which "[needs] to come to the surface." Whenever tempted - by attraction to the same sex or even the desire to masturbate - the patient is told to pray, informing God that he "[knows] this is wrong." These desires, attractions, et.al. are termed "The Enemy." In Judaeo-Christian mythology, Satan is Latin for "The Opposed."

According to the reporter, there are other approaches which do not place the same emphasis on Christianity - and make no mistake about it: this is a Christian offense, not a "religious" or "spiritual" one - but the psychology behind the belief that homosexuality is a "pathology" is pinned on some sort of trauma to the patient during his childhood. Those who do not uncover, and deal with, this "wounding" tend not to be helped.

Lest you think I am being prejudiced in my assessment, I urge you to read the report for yourself. Not only does it illuminate this conversion process and the thought-process behind it, it is a heartbreaking examination of Christian intolerance - particularly since the largest branch of this religion is guilty of child sexual abuse on a massive, international scale. But looking beyond even that, which I agree is an easy and simplistic connection, though I disagree that it makes it any less valid, we see that Christianity continues to encourage separation, division, and, ironically, judgment of your fellow man (and woman) - all of which stands in stark opposition to Christ's teachings and life; Christ taught his followers not to judge others, was known to consort with prostitutes and thieves, and openly administered help to the lepers who were abandoned by their fellow Man and left to die.

It should come as no surprise that this terrible concept of "conversion" comes directly from the Southern Baptists, an abominable denomination of hatemongerers whose biggest proponents openly promote intolerance and schism. The first "conversion camps" originated - where else? - in Tennessee, the mecca of Southern Baptists, where the legal, judicial, and penal systems have been completely infiltrated and corrupted by this aggressive religious sect.

That they seek to spread their hatred is not shocking; that their infection continues to spread though, is grounds for considering the Southern Baptist denomination a terrorist organization - one whose battlecry is "God Hates Fags." While we can sit back, shake our heads, and cluck our tongues at such obviously retarded behavior, the truth is that teaching others it is right, even just, to consider others less than ourselves because they are different is nothing short of hatemongering and is dangerous, offensive on every level, and should be abolished.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010


  1. Shortly after the Baptist-run "conversion camp" in Memphis, TN made international news, we learned that the Mormon church had a similar program which had apparently been around for some time before this. I do not know which program came first.