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Monday, September 24, 2007

Got Enough to Read Now?

Okay, that will pretty much wrap it up for now. I have some more stuff, but I am going to try to stretch it out throughout the week. I just... I've been working so hard on so many other projects that I've rarely been able to get out more than sometimes 2-3 posts a week here and I have a lot more content than that. I already know that I have court next Monday and I have a doctor's appointment this Thursday, so I wanted to go ahead and get a lot of stuff up here so you have something to read throughout the week. I may still write another post or two later on, since a lot of them today were reposts I've been saying I wanted to get up for a while now.

Granted, I could have held-off and dispersed them over the course of several days, but I've been saying that was my plan of attack since basically forever and have yet to do it, so I decided I would go ahead and just get them out and be done with it. I still have just a few more of these old posts which I really want to put here, not just because they no longer exist elsewhere online but because they work with a lot of the themes and subjects with which we deal and I want to be able to refer to them in other posts.

Like I say, I do have some other stuff to chat about, but this is so much for one day that I may wait to get to it. I just don't know yet - depends on how the day goes. But now you have plenty of stuff to keep you busy for a day or two, at least!

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