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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Space Bugs Grow Stronger

Now this one's interesting:

Astronauts have discovered that bacteria acts and reacts differently in space, actually becoming more virulent. This has great implications for astronauts, as it proves they must be more hygenic when in orbit. The tests were undertaken using basic Salmonella, for which there is no known cure. Astronauts undergoing long space flights - such as to Mars - would have to be extremely careful and thoroughly hygenic in order to decrease the chances of infection. As one expert puts it, "You can't sterilize humans," meaning that microbes go wherever we do. Now that we know how these microbes change, we know that the risks in space are even greater.

What the article does not address - and what I was most interested in after reading it - is whether or not the microbes remained as strong once back in Earth's atmosphere; were the changes permanent? Did the bacteria simply become stronger overall, or did they lose their increased potency once back home?

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