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Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Little News

I just thought I'd drop by and let you know what all is going on. I know things have been slow here lately, but as I've said before, while these are fascinating, fun subjects, they are not exactly news-rich; most of the stories and accounts I have to share with you are pretty old and a lot of those who are interested in these topics have already heard them. I am still going to bring them to you, I just see no real need to rush in order to do so.

This being the first of the month, especially with the holiday, I did have to rush to pay some bills, then had a doctor's appointment, and I still haven't cleaned my house. I had an incredibly productive day a week or so back and got a ton of stuff done then, but there's always more to do, as I'm sure you all know all too well. In all honesty, I think the holiday really put everyone off a little this week; there just hasn't been much going on on any front since then!

Also, I have been hard at work on the website this past week. I have gotten quite a bit done, but I am trying to make sure the money is going to be there next week to renew the domain. It has to get done, somehow, I'm just not sure the money is going to be there if I go ahead and pay for it right now, so I'm trying to juggle some things around and pay attention to dates and all that... and I'm no mathematician.

The really good news is that we finally got some rain! And I don't mean the little 1-2 minute showers we've gotten here and there the past several months; it has rained - really rained - for the past two days and forecasts suggest it should continue to do so for the remainder of the week, well into the weekend. But I've learned to take it as it comes and not count on anything until it actually happens, so we'll see how things go.

Anyway, with so much on my plate, I can't say what you should expect or when, but I can say that once everything gets settled with the new host, new IP address, and domain renewal, I'll have more time and will be around more. In fact, when I have the chance, I plan to start writing out some of the stuff I want to bring to you in advance, which will save me time in the long run. I may go back to the old way of doing things, where I focus on just trying to bring you no more than 2-3 posts a day - which is really about the speed at which things have been happening lately anyway.

I can safely say that once the website bit is settled, everything should be picking back up again, so make sure to keep checking back over the next couple of weeks! And, as always, thanks for reading!

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