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Saturday, September 8, 2007

The OddyBlog

I have several things I want to discuss, but I'm getting that damn error message when publishing again. I really don't know why I get that! As some of you may know, I also use Blogger to publish Weird Ink to the site and I have never received that message over there. I went into my settings and tinkered a bit - just a very minor bit, but no luck so far. Like I've said before, it tends to do this about once a week or so, does it for a few days, then clears up all on its own... I'm hoping to clear it up if it is in the settings before we swap hosts.

Speaking of which, since this thing is going to be a bitch today, I guess I will focus my attentions on that. I know I have a few things to do this coming week, and I am on a timetable where the site is concerned, so that's probably the best course of action.

Still, I have some pretty interesting news stories I want to touch upon, so depending on how things go, I will probably get to at least a few of them this weekend.

It's a beautiful, rainy 72° here and I have the door and windows open and am just enjoying the cool air and humidity. I actually got a good night's sleep, too! Here's hoping today finds everyone else well!

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