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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Pics of Ancient, Uncontacted Peruvian Tribe Driven into Brazil by Illegal Construction and Logging

Ancient Peruvian Tribe Driven to Brazil by Illegal Loggers
Ancient Peruvian Tribe Driven to Brazil by Illegal Loggers
A human rights organization released pictures of a previously uncontacted Peruvian tribe on Monday to heighten awareness of logging laws in the country. The organization warns that the tribe is likely to come into conflict with other tribes fleeing their homes, as well as the vicious loggers themselves, as loggers illegally encroach on their territories.

Human rights activists and organizations have pushed Peru for tighter logging regulations for years, yet the country has done little to nothing... but illegally sell more Amazon tribes' lands to shitbag construction companies protected by paramilitary organizations like TigerSwan, SIS, and Raytheon.

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