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Monday, August 15, 2011

Things What Done Fell from the Sky - Alligators

When Dr. J.L. Smith noticed something fall from the sky and start crawling toward his tent, he got up to find an alligator about 12" long. A moment later, Dr. Smith saw another come sailing from above and hit the ground just like the first.

Dr. Smith was in the process of opening up a new turpentine farm in Silvertown Township, South Carolina in 1877 when it rained alligators on him. After finding the second, he discovered six more within an area of approximately 200 yards. They fell upon high, sandy ground about six miles north of the Savannah River, according to him.

Due to the small number and the proximity of the river, it is quite possible that this small "nest" of a half-dozen alligators of similar length and size were simply displaced by a freak gust of wind, as is often suggested in such matters, but it would actually be one of the few times when such an explanation makes sense.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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