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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Look, Notes on Spam, More

What do y'all think of the new look? I know it's largely the same and to some, it may look like I "just" rearranged some items, but it actually goes much deeper than that.

I worked for several hours on the tags. I usually spend about an hour a week or so going through them, but I really got into it this afternoon, clearing out a slew of repetitive labels and deleting some rather useless ones. In general, I suggest you first use the tags to find what you're looking for and then use the search function. I have not discovered a useful way of combining tags for search or searching within a label, but I am working on it when I can (and remember).

By this point, there is actually more content than we can handle, because it is all so disorganized. I realize y'all want new stuff to read and there's always odd news happening, but I also know there is a ton of content here that hardly anyone has bothered to check out and I believe the intimidating tags list has a lot to do with that. Further, even I have trouble finding content I know is here, so the tag issue is very important to me.

I have scheduled several posts throughout the week so there should be something new everyday even if I cannot be here. As I mentioned, I will only post over the weekends erratically; I simply do not have the time to do it anymore and maintain the rest of my life. Again, this is just a general guideline.

I am going to spend more time reading other paranormal and related blogs to see what tags they use, because I think it's important to work toward a common goal and that requires more organization and a more cohesive approach. The OddBlog contains a lot of information useful to researchers - if they can find it!

Lastly, I know this will do little good, but I've been at this for over 15 years, so I'm pretty good at spotting spam. You are more than welcome to leave links to your own profile, site, blog, or content, but if you are spamming commercial links in the Comments, I can usually tell and your Comment(s) will not be published. Spam is the reason The Weirding instituted Comment Moderation in the first place.

Even if you do get through once in a while, it will only be for a while; I regularly maintain all aspects of the site, including Comments, and if I come across something that even seems spammy, I will nuke it and never look back.

The lucky thing for you is that The Weirding accepts advertisers in many forms in order to keep the content free for end-users, so you can always contact me directly or go through any of our other sponsors and set-up an advertiser account through them! Aren't you lucky?

You want to Advertise Here!, great! We'd love to have you! But you're going to pay to do so just like everyone else.

Those of you honest Commenters who want a linkback to your own blog, site, or whatever, are more than welcome to leave them in your comments. There are a number of ways to do this without posting a raw link in the body of your message. Just so you know, even if someone here doesn't think it spammy, 99.999999% of everyone will never click on that link. You're just wasting everyone's time. Get a real job, you dirty hippies!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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