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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ted Haggard: Insurance Salesman

Former pastor, Ted Haggard, took the pulpit earlier this month to preach two sermons. The sermons were briefly posted on his website entitled "Alive!" but have since been removed. In them, he attributed his homosexual tendencies to having been molested in the second-grade.

Haggard made headlines nine months back when it came to light that he had been carrying on with a male prostitute and taking methamphetamine. While he denied the latter charge - saying he purchased the Dope but did not use it - he admitted to "sexual immorality," struggling with a "repulsive side," and being a "deceiver and a liar."

Originally, he was part of some investigatory team meant to restore his pastorate, but walked away. Now he is asking for another oversight hearing. Part of his terms of leaving the New Life Church (he was fired) and 30-million-strong National Association of Evangelicals was that he would not discuss his scandal publicly. However, when he relocated his family to Arizona, he sent out an e-mail, requesting financial help which came to the light of the media.

Haggard is now a "Christian" salesman. But then, that's really what he was before, isn't it?

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