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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Driver Kills Two at Intersection - Seven Years Apart

In 2000, Australian Michelle Thiele entered an intersection. Had she looked to her left, she would have seen 69-year old John Mitchell, who had the right of way, approaching. Unfortunately, Ms. Thiele's oversight resulted in Mr. Mitchell's death. Thiele was fined.

In 2007, Michelle Thiele entered the same intersection. Had she bothered to look to her left, she would have seen motorcyclist, Graham Bryant - who also had the right of way - approaching. Thiele's oversight once again led to a man's death.

The same coroner worked both cases and blamed Michelle Thiele entirely for both accidents, calling her "incompetent." He said, "Both men died in collisions at the same location in almost identical circumstances and at the hands of the same motorist. They both died when that same motorist failed to give way."

After this second wreck, Thiele was sentenced to eight months in prison, fined, and her license was revoked. However, the Supreme Court suspended her jail time and returned her license after a one month period!

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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