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Monday, November 9, 2009

'Man-Bashing' Canadian Woman May be Nuts

Police in British Columbia, Canada say they have some five or more reports of a Caucasian woman in either her teens or early-20s attacking men, seemingly at random. Her MO is the same each time: she approaches men on the street and kicks them in the nuts!

Most are reticent to report the crime, as it is embarrassing for them to admit they were "beaten-up by a girl." However, a 22-year old victim (who waited a month to make a report) felt obliged to do so when he had to undergo surgery to remove his testicle from his abdomen! Yes, the kick was so forceful that it forced the man's testicle into his abdomen. While doctors and surgeons thought they would be able to extract it, it was damaged beyond repair and had to be removed and replaced with a prosthetic. Doctors believe he will still be able to have kids one day.

I'm including the link to the original article so you can read the comments. Because of the nature of the crime and sociological mores, police do not know how many victims have been accosted.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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