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Monday, December 2, 2019

Update - DEC, 2019

Facebook, Inc.
Hi guys, et. al.!  If you haven't noticed, I really am hard at work behind the scenes, mostly updating old posts, revising the tagging system, and editing links to external sites.

I've been aware of some serious, and seriously widespread, chicanery for a while now but it's taken longer than expected to isolate the issue(s) -- not to suggest that I've solved the problem(s), just to say that I am aware of it and am working on it.  Most of it seems to now be centered on older posts, after I was forced to remove a lot of sponsored posts that were the original targets.

Some research suggests it goes much deeper than mere attempts to annoy me or keep visitors from accessing the site.  I dare not use the word, "Conspiracy," despite the fact that it's apt.

I now have more sources than I can count!  Having dropped Amazon as a sponsor (accidentally, but I made less than $7.00 over the course of 10 years anyway), I am working on finding a new one so I can link you to them.  Should you purchase any, it's a win-win: We get a tiny bit of money to keep us rolling along and you get a worthwhile source of all things Unexplained.  I intend to post an updated list of sources soon.

In going over old posts, I realize how politically-charged this blog is, especially the earlier entries.  One can blame the hyper-politicization of literally everything, forced upon us by a biased and thoroughly corrupt media and government/military state apparatus, but it is what it is.  As such, I am likely to delve into that more in the future.

Many "Supernatural" and "Paranormal" events are actually military projects, most of which target unsuspecting, innocent civilians -- that is, War Crimes.  The perpetrators of these heinous acts rely on such deceptions to discredit accusers and derail serious inquiry.  Still, other phenomena remain unexplained and, while those continue to be the focus of this blog, it is impossible to discuss the inexplicable without mentioning the (all too often obvious) connections to suppressed technology, military overreach, and governmental/corporate corruption.

We are dealing (though not consorting, conspiring, nor trafficking) with entities that openly disregard all legalities with disdain and malice aforethought.  We proudly disseminate information that may be upsetting to some, controversial in nature, and (rarely) outright wrong, but never do we engage in "Fake News" or intentionally promote disinformation.

I am also working on future posts so we can get back on schedule, but it will likely be after the holidays before I am able to return to regular posting.

I did want to point-out and/or clear-up a few things while I'm here, though:
  • Climate change is real but hurricanes do not form over dry land.
  • Weather manipulation is not only real, but it is also in widespread practice: PUBLIC LAW 105—85, NOV. 18, 1997 -- US Code (UCS) at 50 USC 1520a.
  • Those "snake-like" UFOs are a NASA weather experiment.
  • Sheldon Adelson, Donald Trump's primary Presidential sponsor, owns two newspapers: The ISraeli ISrael Hayom and the Las Vegas Review-Journal.  Seeing as how Bloomberg is blacklisted for its alleged bias, those rags should be blacklisted, as well.  Otherwise, it is a blatantly unconstitutional violation of Bloomberg's First Amendment Rights and those of each of its individual contributors.
  • The very existence of the highly unconstitutional NDAA necessarily negates the argumentative Defense of "private companies' 'Right'" to censor information and individuals.  All acts of suppression of evidence and information constitute a violation of the First Amendment, as does the oppression of contributors.
  • When you illegally hack us and surveil our mail, phone, and communications, we legally return the favor.  Because International Law does not apply to you, by your own decree.  Might want to lawyer-up.  If you are being set-up, you can prove that.
  • Scotland Yard's decision to not investigate the Jeffrey Epstein case due to it being outside of their jurisdiction sets Precedent for all rulings the UK makes, has made, or intends to make regarding the Internet.
  • Marco Rubio should resign, effective immediately.  This is no threat, just a friendly notice.  Might want to lawyer-up, too.
  • If you are a contractor, hold government contracts, or are connected to a Governmental/Military/Intelligence Agency, et. al., we reserve the right to "burn" you, period.  We're a private company, so the law does not apply to us -- according to a long series of well-documented, "legal" Precedents... and your own decree.
  • There is no such thing as "National Security;" that is a cover story to blatantly abuse the Law and disregard the Constitution, and/or International Law.
  • We don't hack, wiretap, or deal in stolen information; we come across everything legally and have no idea who our sources are in most cases.  The majority of our information comes from published sources, many of which are no longer in print or circulation (which, alone, tells you something). 
  • We have no connection to, nor affiliation with, law enforcement, government, nor military agencies -- foreign, domestic, private, or otherwise.  We are not "at war" with any of them, we have not "Declared War" on any of them, and we have no plans of doing so.  We are, however, intensely concerned with holding them accountable when appropriate.  Insofar as that goes, the entirety of Broward County would be under arrest if any of these 17 US agencies were serious about upholding the Law and not openly involved in Racketeering.
  • Linking to external sources is no indication of affiliation or association, nor even meant to suggest a belief in, or agreement with, said content.  Cross-referencing information via hypertext is how the Internet works.  In fact, we stringently disagree with some of the sources we link to on several issues.  We are acutely aware of the fact that many of the sites to which we link are blacklisted by governmental agencies such as Google and often attacked by special interests.  We're not real big on "Coincidence."  Love him, hate him, or never heard of him, what the US government did to Alex Jones is unconstitutional and illegal.
  • We love our readers and are doing everything we can to protect your right to visit, share, and interact with our content.  We love hearing from you but, in many instances, we have not published your comments for your own safety.  This may be a paranoid approach but, given the overwhelming evidence of malfeasance by Big Tech and basically every government in the world, we don't think it is.  Should you be harassed, stalked, or abused after leaving comments, you have my word that no one here has anything to do with that and we suggest you contact Blogger/Google (an Alphabet, Inc. subsidiary) directly, though you will not receive a reply.
  • This blog is not meant for children but contains nothing illegal nor inappropriate for kids over 13 or so.
  • All of this sounds terribly scary, yet it shouldn't.  We've been around for nearly 15 years and have suffered only minor issues prior to 2015.  We're not real big on "coincidence."
Geez.  The world we live in, huh?  The world They allow us to live in... but I digress.

I'm going to try to post some more uplifting content along the way, just to keep us all from sticking our collective head in an oven, but this blog could disappear without warning at any time and I am also acutely aware of that.

© The Weirding, 2019

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