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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Texas' Violent Sasquatch At It Again

Texas' Bigfoot has a history of violence.  In one of the handful of Bigfoot accounts in which the creature actually attacked (or tried to) someone, a Texas sheriff claims a white-haired beast threw a tire at him... a tire with the rim still in it!  (Such things are abundant in Texas, apparently even back then.) 


There are a few other instances in which eyewitnesses claim the hairy biped (as Bigfoot is also sometimes known) they encountered threatened, chased, or attempted to attack them, but in America, they are fairly rare.  

In certain other countries, however, the Bigfoot (which goes by any number of names, from Yowie to Wildman to Yeti to Sasquatch, and many, many more) is a fearsome, sometimes predatory, and always violent creature to be avoided.  The beast seems to appear on every continent on the planet, excepting the warmer ones, where their "wildmen" are far more ape-like, even by zoological standards.

In a 1977 New Jersey string of encounters, a wildman Sasquatch was credited for the killing of several neighbors' rabbits.  It tore through barns to get to the rodents (rabbits are rodents, aren't they?) and was seen by several eyewitnesses.  While studies were performed on the carcases and the area canvassed, no real evidence was ever discovered.  It did, however, "swat" a snarling attack dog some 20' aside.  


And so it came to pass the other night that San Antonio police were bombarded with calls reporting a "Sasquatch" and "large, hairy man over 6' 3" which had just killed a deer -- with its bare hands -- and dragged the fricking thing into the woods!  


According to police, though almost all of the calls came from "homeless" people, they "sounded scared, and surprisingly sober."  Police did not look for the creature.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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  1. Due, apparently, to the sheer number of calls, if nothing else, some investigators went to the site and discovered tracks!

    It appears, for now, that this may be an actual Bigfoot sighting for the record books.