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Monday, April 30, 2007

Ancient Text Continues to Surprise

In 1906, a prayer book from the 14th-Century was discovered to contain older text beneath the newer.  Researchers were stunned when they found that the earlier text belonged to mathematician, Archimedes, and politician, Hyperides.

But the prayer book, scribed by one John Myronas and called "The Archimedes Palimpset," had one more historical figure's musings to bear: It is most likely the writings of Alexander of Aphrodisias, writing on Aristotle's CategoriesAristotle's Categories is the foundation of the study of logic in the Western world.

The reuse of writing materials was not uncommon in these times.  It is done by a process of literally rubbing the old text away and writing over it.  The most recent discovery was made through the use of "multispectral imaging."

This one book has revealed fundamental information on math, politics, and now philosophy!

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