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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fountain of Youth in a Bottle?

An American firm claims to have developed a type of water that will speed healing. Scientists and doctors are hoping it will help victims of Diabetes. Up to 15% of Diabetes patients who develop foot ulcers result in amputation. A study showed patients with advanced foot ulcers who were treated with the water, along with an antibiotic, had a higher healing time compared to those who did not use it (43 days compared to 55, respectively).

The water, made by straining it through a special salt membrane, claims to kill virii, bacteria, and fungi, as well as aid in the healing of wounds. Its key ingredient, oxychlorine ions, are electrically-charged particles which work by completely surrounding free-living microbes, thus they prove no danger to human cells, which exist as part of a larger matrix. Studies have also shown the water kills 10 strains of bleach-resistant bacteria.

Source: BBC

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