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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth - 06-27-07

Well, not much happened on tonight's Ghost Hunters, except that Steve got to lead the team on his own without Grant and Jason -- and he did a really good job.  Still, if I had one criticism (which really is kind of nitpicking), I prefer Jason's hard-nosed stance on things; Steve was a little too quick to conclude that there was definite paranormal activity on the case. Steve did a good job, though.

Destination Truth was much more interesting, even though nothing really happened. I'm really hoping Josh comes up with something a little more stunning than what we've seen so far this season.  But, I give him credit for being so grounded.  He really goes all-out for what he does and what he's going for, then takes a skeptical -- but open-minded -- approach to evaluating the evidence.

Isn't it too bad Sci-Fi doesn't run this day's programming year-round?  Wednesdays in the fall blow Nahuelito.


  1. I had the same criticism of Ghost Hunters last night. And yes, I wish they'd have new episodes not just in summer!

  2. Hey, thanks for commenting!

    I think they definitely caught something last night, but it wasn't enough that Steve should have told them the place was absolutely haunted. He should have used the Jason standby, and been like, "I think there's definitely some interesting things going on and we'd like to come back again and have a look around."

    But he still did a great job.

    Yeah, what - I don't even remember what I watched in the fall when Ghost Hunters wasn't on!