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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ghost Hunters Returns Tonight!

Just thought I'd check-in and remind everyone that the season premiere of Ghost Hunters is tonight on Sci-Fi at 8:00 PM, CST. I'll definitely be back here after the show to let you know what went down, and what I thought.

While Ghost Hunters is obviously a big hit for the Sci-Fi network, and seems to be pretty well-received by the general public, I have heard some rather disparaging remarks as to the authenticity of the show. Some seem to think that a lot of the situations and "evidence" collected by T.A.P.S. on the show is outright faked.

I stringently disagree; while I some of the interpersonal situations might be on the "reality TV" side (that is to say that they might happen off-camera, then be reenacted -- or are reenacted to get a better shot, etc.), I do not think the evidence collected or the paranormal experiences are faked by any means. Of course, I could be wrong about this -- and I sincerely hope I am not -- but I've seen all of the episodes (many of them more than once), and it's not like they find something every time -- most of the times, they don't find anything, at all!

Even my dad said, "This show's boring; nothing ever happens!"

What I mean is that, if they were going to manufacture evidence and falsify situations, why wouldn't they go full-force? One case in particular stands out: The episode on the boat where the bedspread appeared to come off the bed on its own. On further examination, the team discovered that someone had tampered with the camera, and moved the bedspread. Like they noted, had they taken the "evidence" at face value and presented it, their credibility would have been damaged when a third-party determined it had been faked.

It's really not in their best interests to falsify evidence or manufacture situations, and since their show's ratings and popularity seems to be on even ground, why would they?

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