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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another Quick Technical Note

I know I mentioned this a few times lately, but I wanted to reiterate the point because I am still having a veritable buttload of problems FTPing the blog to the site. I also heard that some people have been having issues getting into The Speakeasy and possibly some of the other functions on the site.

Blogger keeps giving me these “Your blog is taking longer to publish than normal, to continue waiting for it to finish, click here” messages. I literally sat here and refreshed that damned thing for 10 minutes - seriously! 10 minutes - last night. I know it was that long because I was watching Ghost Hunters and it went through two commercial breaks and returned before the effing thing published! Like I mentioned, Google admitted they’d been having some issues and Blogger is doing all this new “Blogger in Draft” stuff (which is just a new name for the Blogger Beta program they were doing a few months back), so there’s definitely some issues on this end.

I do not know why some people cannot get into The Speakeasy. It logged me out over the weekend after someone tried to use a Harvester program to get our names and the security programs stopped it and blocked the IP from which it came. Harvester programs run through chatboards and message forums and record everyone’s user name, then starts spamming them with Private Messages. Since this one was apparently stopped (knock wood), it may have kind of reset the forums and kicked everyone out, so you should just have to log back in. You may have to clear your cache for it to completely refresh, though.

You cannot post to The Humidor until you have made like 5-10 posts on other forums in The Speakeasy. Sorry, but it’s just a little extra measure to cut down on the spam and flaming. By the time you introduce yourself in The Lobby and some of those other places and respond to others saying hi and so forth, you’ll be able to post as much as you want there.

But since these issues seem to crop-up on the weekend (almost every weekend, lately), I am really trying to crank-out as many posts as I can today and tomorrow so that I’m not sitting here, fuming, for 10 minutes at a time all weekend long, waiting for posts to publish.

I’m sorry if it gives you WAY too much to read or fumbles your feeds, but I hope you understand. If you just don’t have the time to check out everything that comes up the next few days, read a couple entries today, then Saturday, then Sunday (especially since I will likely only make one or two entries both those days - maybe), and you should be caught-up by Monday.

I have no control over how these servers work and I apologize for that.

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