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Monday, July 23, 2007

Destination Truth Season Finale

I must admit, after several false starts, Sci-Fi Channel finally got it right; Destination Truth is a really good reality show concerning the paranormal and cryptozoology, in specific. I have kept up with the series this season and finally got a chance to see the season finale tonight, after my cable unceremoniously failed last Wednesday, while we were preparing to watch the finales of both it and Ghost Hunters.

Tonight, Josh chased after the Argentinian Lobizone, a lycanthrope which has been spotted throughout the country, in both rural and highly-populated urban areas. It is said that the seventh son of a seventh son will become a lobizone, unless he is baptized. The Argentinian president has seventh sons baptized.

Josh and team did spot some kind of wolflike dog on camera and Josh himself caught some animal on thermal imaging. A zoologist could not identify either accurately, but said the shape was larger than a native Argentinian dog, insofar as he knew. Further, the blood on a rope with which a farmer said he had caught a lobizone tested positive for human blood! Of course, even though this evidence is intriguing, it proves nothing; it is too disparate to prove a seventh son actually turns into a wolflike creature.

The other case was a total bust, though they did hear a strange, gutteral growl from some animal the zoologist could not identify.

Either way, it appears Destination Truth will be returning for a second season - I’m assuming next summer. Ghost Hunters will return in the fall and is being replaced momentarily by a new show called Ghost Adventures, about another ghost hunting group.

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