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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ghost Hunters Finale Already?!

So I tried watching Sci-Fi’s new Ani-Monday and... well, I just don’t get into Anime. It’s too "kiwai" or whatever that word is for “cutesy.” I also find most of it very disturbing in that it tends to focus on prepubescent girls who end up being molested by tentacles. But I digress...

I saw the promo for tomorrow night’s Ghost Hunters and it’s the Summer finale! Whatever that means. I was under the impression that Ghost Hunters and Eureka were two of the network’s highest-rated shows? I think the guys working the schedule are the same cats what do programming over to [adult swim]. I mean, you would think that someone might be able to figure out that ordering more than six episodes of one of your highest-rated shows is probably a pretty solid idea.

Still, it said it was the Summer finale, so I am hoping that means they are going to bring it back in... like a month? Well, maybe we will get our wish as far as it coming on year-round if they decide to split them into two “mini”-seasons or whatever their plan is here.

But really, Sci-Fi guys, pick up the back nine on this one, huh?

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