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Monday, August 20, 2007

Back for Now

Well, it's been a minute, hasn't it? I can't get into the whole thing just yet, but I got arrested trying to do the right thing. Of course, in this Bible-thumping, Southern shithole, that's a lot easier to do than it ever should be.

I was popped for Disorderly Conduct after I called 911 for child endangerment on a girl who has been reported for that at least a half-dozen times! The 911 operator was giving me a hrd time, then the cops showed up here and arrested me for disorderly conduct. Now that I'm out, it turns out they told my parents that I had called 911 five times, they told the landlady I'd called twice and cussed them out, and the fat bitch I called them on told everyone I'd come over there and kicked over her kids' bikes and stuff - the kids I called 911 to report being endangered!!! The kids I have been taxiing around to doctors appointments, dentists appointments, getting enrolled in school!

Anyway, I was taken in for a 12-hour charge and not released for 7 days! Everyone I have talked to around here has basically told me that's just the way it goes - "You're not from here. That long hair don't help none. That's just the way they do things." Everyone I've talked to that's not from here has been absolutely infuriated (as am I)!

Still, that's where I have been for the past week. Sorry for that, but there isn't much I can do about it; what's done is done. I am trying my best to move forward, but I am not about to plead guilty to it. I am going to set up a PayPal donation thingy if anyone would like to grant me some much-needed help, but I have so many ads to get out in such a short time, that it may be a day or two before that gets going.

Still, we'll get right into it...

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